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It’s not officially Autumn until Saturday, but I’m already in full-fledged “celebrate fall because it’s not 115 degrees outside anymore and pumpkin spice lattes are out anyway” mode. And I love it! Now, we don’t really get a full Autumn here in Texas…so I like to go all out and bring it all indoors.

Autumn Table Settings at Like a Saturday

I’m starting with the table in our breakfast nook. It’s a small, round, 4-seater table and is the focal point when looking from the living room to the kitchen. It’s the perfect space for a beautiful centerpiece. I like to mess around and change things up every now and then, so I have a “high” and “low” option…and who knows, I might come up with something else before Thanksgiving rolls around.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

To start, I used a stemmed hurricane vase (a wedding leftover) and filled it with small river rocks to hold up the branches, and then scattered a few tiny pinecones and acorns on top.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

I bought both faux autumn branches and dried oak branches. Having just a touch of real mixed in with the fake will give you a more natural look. I love this centerpiece. It’s like an explosion of Fall color !

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

My second “low” option was even easier to pull together. I stuck our large, wooden salad bowl in the center of the table and simply filled it with an assortment of small gourds found at the grocery store.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

This is the easiest way to bring Autumn colors and textures into your decor, and the wooden bowl adds a rustic element. You just have to play around and rearrange the little pumpkins and gourds until they sit the way you like.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

We don’t have a dining room, so I like to bring a little elegance into our breakfast nook. I found these gold chargers at Goodwill for $3 total, and the bronze woven placemats were a $6 find at Ross last year. I layered my white “shabby chic” Target plates with my jade colored, Japanese china tea plates. These are very special to me. They belong to a tea set that belonged to my grandmother’s grandmother. She and a few of her girlfriends all bought the same set, and took turns hosting each other for tea every week. I love this story, idea, and the sentimental value these dishes hold.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

The napkin rings are just something I made fairly quickly by stringing beads onto floral wire and randomly twisting here and there.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

Hopefully that will give you a little inspiration to get started on your own Fall decor. It doesn’t need to be fussy or expensive. You can usually shop your own house and find a few things while you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping to create a warm, cozy Autumn look in your home.

Autumn Table Settings | Like a Saturday

Later this week I’ll be sharing my Fall porch and some ideas for decorating outside. Have a great day!!





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  1. How pretty! I love the tall hurrican vase in the middle and the napkin rings you made are so pretty!

  2. I saw your table decor on the Lettered Cottage Link Party and thought it looked beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  3. Very rustic and fall! Good job! xo Kristin

  4. Found your blog through the Lettered Cottage … your table looks great! Loved catching up on the rest of your posts, too! We’re both blogging newbies :) Looking forward to reading more!

  5. Very nice tablescapes. Love the gourds and all the colors. I think I have similar dishes with the scrolly border. I am all in as far as the Fall season and a lover of pumpkin spice lattes too!

  6. I really like the simplicity of your table settings!

  7. Oh my gosh those napkin rings are the cutest things ever!!

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE these color combos! GORGEOUS.

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