31 Days to a Stress-Free Holiday : Plan Charitable Giving

Hi everyone! Sorry this post is a day late! WordPress was acting wonky on me yesterday. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting today. :)

I believe that we should be giving of ourselves, our time, and our money throughout the whole year in order to help others. I believe that giving is an especially important practice during the holiday season. Giving will bring joy and meaning to your holiday season. We are, after all, celebrating the most precious gift of all.

There are many ways in which we can give, and not all are necessarily financial. Decide what you budget is financially and time wise and make a plan on how you would like to give of yourself this holiday season. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

1) Help a child in need have a happy Christmas by donating toys and gifts.

There are so many organizations that you can go through. If you are a part of a church, check with them first to see if they are participating in any type of gift drive. A couple of the most common organizations are Angel Tree and Toys for Tots. I also love Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child

2) Carry extra cash or change with you to drop in the red kettle.

Donations that the Salvation Army bell ringers receive help provide basic and seasonal needs for families and individuals in need. You can get your kids involved by explaining the purpose of the bell ringers and giving them a few coins to put into the kettles themselves.

3) Offer assistance at local shelters or food banks, or participate in a coat or blanket drive.

With the holidays and colder weather, there is a higher demand in homeless shelters and food banks. Check with your city’s organizations to see who you can help.

4) Purchase gifts with a purpose.

Your money has power. Buy gifts for your friend and family that also help others. Charity gifts have become very popular in the last few years. You may have had livestock given to a family in need in your name. There are also tangible gifts you can give that also have a lasting impact on others. Try to be purposeful with your buying. Many things we purchase actually contribute to atrocities like human trafficking.

Search your heart and figure out what causes you are truly passionate about, and give towards them. Do your research on these organizations that you may want to donate to. I really think most of them are legitimate, but unfortunately there are some out there that aren’t. I know it seems like every where you go, during Christmas time especially, someone is asking for your money. I know this gets old, believe me. I challenge you to not become frustrated with or jaded by these people, for they are only trying to do good. The only way you have to respond is by letting them know you’ve donated elsewhere, but wish them well and appreciate the good they are trying to achieve. Keep that JOY and Christmas spirit in your heart! You can’t expect people to be kind to you if you are not kind in return (remember the Golden Rule, my friends!).

I know I’m missing several really great charities and organizations on here. If there is one in particular that you feel especially passionate about, feel free to let us know about it in the comments. I will be pinning some of my favorites onto my “Gifts with a purpose” board on Pinterest to help you spread the word! {you can click to follow me over not the side bar!}