31 Days to a Stress-Free Holiday : Make Pre-Made Dough and Snacks

Good morning everyone! I am throwing back the coffee this morning after a wild and crazy night with my church ladies! We had a great time at our murder mystery dinner. And in case you were wondering, Miss New Jersey won best dressed…or the “dressed to kill” award. :)

So, there’s your laugh for the morning. The Snooki/Amy Winehouse wig was a hit. {I have no shame}. I told my husband that I’m going to just wear that tiara around for the rest of the week since, after all,  it is my birth week. He may have rolled his eyes at me.

Anyway! Back to having a stress-free holiday! Step 1) Purchase a wig and create an alter ego when you want to go hide from it all. (works every time).  2) Whip up some pre-made cookie dough to freeze or some other snacks to have on hand for visitors.

Make dough for your favorite holiday cookies, scoop into balls and freeze on a cookie sheet. Once they are frozen, you can toss them in a baggie to save some freezer space. If you have any surprise guests, or forget that you were supposed to bring cookies to a get together, you are all set. You can just pop them into the oven and have fresh baked cookies in minutes without the mess.

My favorite Christmas cookie to have on hand are Cranberry Hootycreeks. I was originally drawn to them by their name, and then they won their way into my heart with their sweet deliciousness {and they are crazy easy to make!}.

I would also recommend having some other snacks on hand, like chex mix. You’ll be glad that you do! What are some of your favorite Christmas cookies and snacks that you make every year?

Alright, y’all. I’m going for my third cup o’coffee. Have a good one! :)