31 Days to a Stress-Free Holiday : Decorate Inside of the House

Our first married Christmas, I got a little bit…um…Holiday happy. I was determined to do it all, Energizer Bunny style. I was coming off a very fun round of the stomach flu, and still insisted on hosting Thanksgiving for both of our families. The next morning, I was up EARLY for some Black Friday shopping. I came home, took a power nap, and I was ready to roll with putting up the tree and decorating the whole house. That was insane. It was dumb. I was so exhausted, and all that did for me was send me to tears over something I’m sure wasn’t even a big deal. It’s kinda like when kids are incredibly exhausted and fussy, but they want to stay awake to play…you ask them if they’re tired and they just burst into sobs and thrashing about insisting that they’re not tired. It was pretty much that ugly.

I’ve learned from that, though! Christmas is meant to be savored and enjoyed…not rushed and stressful. The Friday after Thanksgiving is now reserved for shopping, napping, football, leftover eating, and general laziness. Saturday is tree day. I’ll usually spread out the indoor decorating over the whole weekend, giving myself some grace and time to rest and enjoy my loved ones.

I love…I mean LOVE decorating the house for Christmas. I was that kid who would go find the hodge podge of unused Christmas decorations to stick in my bedroom. I totally spent my allowance on some blinking Christmas lights to hang around my room and my very own mini tree. Now I’m that crazy lady with at least one tree in every room (maybe even the bathroom…). I just can’t quit the decorating. It brings me too much joy! :)

I’m already planning out this year’s decorations! I pretty much stick to what I have in my stash, but I can’t help but change it up just a bit every year by adding a little handmade love. My Christmas decorating style is a mix of traditional, rustic, and vintage. You saw a little sneak peek of what I’m working on so far the other day.

I’ve gone to Pinterest (of course) for a little bit of inspiration. (Clicking on the images below will take you to their blogs).

For more Christmas inspiration, hop on over to my Christmas Pinterest board!

Have a beautiful day!