31 Days to a Stress-Free Holiday : Decorate the Outside of the House

Decorating the outside of your house, like all of these tasks, can be as simple or complex as you would like. I love to string lights around our house, decorate the porch, put wreaths on the windows, and set out our Nativity silhouette. Last year, I was so sick and so stressed with my job, I was doing good to get a wreath on the door. I just had to give myself some grace and be ok with that.

When I do decorate the outside of the house, I usually save it for the next weekend after Thanksgiving so I don’t overdo it. However you choose to decorate outdoors, be smart! Double check that all of the extension cords you are using are safe for outdoor use. Don’t go climbing on the roof if you’re home alone. Sometimes, simple is the most beautiful and economical option. We don’t all need to be Griswolds. :)

How do you decorate the outside of your home? Do you go all out with the lights, or just a simple porch decoration? What about you apartment dwellers? Do you decorate outdoors, or stick to just decorating inside?