Christmas Tree Cones

One of my favorite things is Christmas crafting, especially by the glow of the tree and listening to good Christmas music. Even when I’m “done” with Christmas  – done with the decorating and done with shopping – I can’t seem to stop. I just love it!

tree cones crafting

I’ve been seeing different variations of Christmas tree cones everywhere – at Christmas markets and stores like Target. I think they’re adorable, but I’ve been a little bit shocked by their prices. I just have a really hard time shelling out $25 – 50 for something I could easily replicate at home for a fraction of the cost.

DIY Christmas Tree Cones

These festive cones could easily be made at home for free or cheap. I mostly used items I already had at home, including scraps of poster board, tinselly ribbons, and white feathers.

making a cone

I started by rolling the poster board scraps into different sized cones and using a line of hot glue to keep the cone in place. I carefully cut off the bottoms so that the cone would sit flat. If buying pre made cones is more your jam than making them, you can either purchase styrofoam or paper mache cones at your local craft store. I’ve found that the paper mache cones tend to be less expensive.

And this would be where the step by step pictures end. It’s actually kinda hard to take pictures and hot glue things simultaneously. Most of the trees I just wrapped ribbons around and used hot glue to keep in place. The white feathered tree on the left was a skinny feather boa that I wrapped around the cone. It’s taller, skinnier counterpart on the right was made with some leftover white craft feathers. I layered rows of feathers starting from the bottom of the tree. As I worked my way up the cone, I cut the feathers to make each layer shorter than the one before.

tree cones

tree cones 2

I think this guy may be my favorite. I alternated wrapping gold and silver ric rac that I found {for 50 cents a spool!} I like the texture that it gave. There are so many options you could use to fit your own decor. You could use different color and textured ribbons or mini pine cones or berries for a more natural, rustic look. The options are endless!

tree cones 4

The gold and silver tinsel trees on each end were actually Dollar Tree finds and fit right into the group. I think all together I spent about $5 on this whole project.

tree cones 1

tree cones 5

I’m really happy with how they turned out! They make my little work space in our office look so festive and cheery! :)

Have a wonderful day!