It’s {finally} Friday! Which means its time for another installation of InstaFriday! You can follow me @likeasaturday .

I’ve been a little low on my Instagram “quota” these days. We’ve had a rough start to 2013 and there haven’t been a whole lot of Insta-worthy moments. But! There is always something bright and cheery happening in the world, no matter how small, and I plan to focus on these things. {Which usually consist of the dog}.

macy parrot

Macy decided to sit on Tim’s shoulder like a parrot. She didn’t really look all that comfortable, yet there she stayed. She’s a strange pup. {and I love it}.

macy snuggles

She’s also a spoiled pup. I walk into the living room and she has burrowed herself into blankets and pillows and looks at me like “Please do not disturb.”.

under construction

Here’s a little sneak peek to another update I’m working on. I love sprucing up the house at the start of a new year. :)

veggie tacos

Ok…now do yourself a favor and try this recipe. Sweet Mary Moses! These tacos are delicious!! and super easy to make! and packed full of healthy goodness!

I hope you all have a splendid weakend! I’m off to Austin to help with a little wedding planning {and who am I kidding – to eat good food! and have fun with my sistas!}.


life rearranged