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How many of you still have the organization bug? I do! To use the phrase that has been coined in our household….I’m on a cleaning rampage. Pretty much anything that crosses my path that is unorganized or messy is getting cleaned out and put in order {or at least put on the ever-growing list!}.

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I have about eight gazillion reward cards from different stores and restaurants that we frequent. I have the plastic credit card-like cards, the tiny key fobs, paper business-like cards.

Like a Saturday : Reward Cards Organization

Some are used more than others like my Kroger key fob. That gets used weekly. Others, like my Anthro card are sadly not used as often. {Yes, sadly. Why must you be so expensive, Anthro?!?}. My issue was I had a wallet stuffed full of cards that only saw the light of day ever so often and a tangle of key rings and key fobs, and then a few stragglers stuck into various drawers. It was becoming difficult to find what I needed when I needed it.

I came up with a really quick, easy, cheap solution. I had a little package of loose binder rings that I had already bought for another small project.

Like a Saturday : Reward Cards Organization

I started by sliding the key fob reward cards onto a ring. These already have hole punched in them.

Like a Saturday : Reward Cards Organization

Next, I punched a hole into the remainder of my rewards cards. Make sure you punch the cards with the back facing towards you to make sure you don’t punch through a bar code, member number, or any other important information. 

Like a Saturday : Reward Cards Organization

Slide the cards onto the ring in whatever order makes most sense to you, whether alphabetically, by most use, color, whatever.

Like a Saturday : Reward Cards Organization

Voila! Your life just got easier! I wish I could say that those are all the cards I have, but there are still a bunch to be added as I fish them out of drawers. It’s so nice to just have a separate item in my purse instead of some in my wallet and some on my keys. I can even hook them onto my little Vera Bradley wallet or my keys if I don’t need to take my purse in with me.

Like a Saturday : Reward Cards Organization

Have a happy Tuesday!  :)


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