January in a Nutshell

I cannot believe January is already coming to a close. This month has been on big fat blur to me.

I started the month by cleaning up and organizing the Christmas explosion.

Like a Saturday : How I Put Away Christmas {Without Losing My Mind}

We bought a new TV and media cabinet, and I should you how I hide the wires.

TV stand after

Keeping with the spirit of organizing little things that get in the way, I showed you how to corral those reward cards.

rewards cards title

I started chiseling away at my 2013 To-do list by rescuing this chair for my office space.

Like a Saturday : Office Chair Rescue

I made the easiest, cheapest Valentine garland….EVER.

Like a Saturday : Easy Valentine Garland

I finally replaced the iron work above the kitchen window with some woodland creature plates.

creature plates 7

And last, but not least! I presented you with the longest blog post of all time, and took you on a tour of all of the “house fluffing” I’ve been doing since the new year.

Like a Saturday : House Fluffing

It’s been a busy month! Now, on to February !  :)