How to Stencil a Lampshade {Blog Swap with A Little Knick Knack}

Happy Monday everyone! I’m really excited to be swapping blogs today with Meg from A Little Knick Knack! I hope you’ll hop on over and check out here awesome blog! -Rachel
Hey-ho! That’s how we say hello here in MinnesOta. Apparently. It’s not true (well, it’s a little true), but hey….it’s fun. My name is Meg and I’m from A Little Knick Knack. I’m so honored to be here on Rachel’s amazing blog! She is so sweet and I hope you can check out her post over at my place on how to paint-dip some stools. They are super cute!
Anyway, I’m here today with a fun little project for my girls room makeover. Which, I am going to share in its entirety with you soon. Someday. Eventually. When the room is clean…and we have actual sunlight in which to photograph said clean room. Since neither is happening lately, I will be content to show off bits and pieces until we can get it right.
Today I’m going to share with you how to stencil a lampshade.

This is such an easy and great way to customize a look to go with your room. The girls had a super cute lamp before but it just wasn’t going to work with their new color scheme. So I gave it to their sister and we found a cheap base and a plain white shade ($8 at Target) with the intention of giving it a little makeover when we got home.

Here are your supplies:

Stencil (purchased at Michael’s)

Acrylic paint

Foam brush

Spray adhesive

Now, be sure to do what I never seem to do….PROTECT YOUR SURFACE! Get some brown bags or newspapers and lay them over your table, even your floor (especially with a spray adhesive…that stuff gets everywhere).

Lightly spay the back of your stencil with the adhesive and attach to the lampshade. I usually end up going quite liberally with the spray, leaving patches of glue all over the place, but there is an easy fix to this I will share down the page.

Start at the seam of the lampshade, in case you make mistakes before getting into the groove of things. Take your foam brush and dab it into the paint, and then dab it off on something like a paper plate or paper bag, to get all that excess paint off, or else you will have bleed through, like this….ack!

Also, notice that lovely bit of extra paint on the bottom of the shade? Yes, I did not clean off my stencil after each application, but I wasn’t too worried since I was planning on painting the bottom and the top. If you aren’t, be sure to wipe off the paint before applying your next stencil, to avoid this little mistake.

Now, if you’re going to paint the top and bottom, I recommend taping off the rest of the lamp (after it dries) with painters tape. Let your first coat dry and then apply at least 1 more coat, 2 more would be even better. The light of the lamp will show any spots you missed and you want an even coat.

Ta-da! Ok, here’s my “how to remove excess spray adhesive” tip. Wait for your glue and your paint to dry (I left it to go pick up kids from the bus stop and came back and it was all ready dry) and get some of that painters tape. Make a little circle of it, sticky side out, wrap it around like, 3 of your little fingers, and dab away at the gluey parts. The tape brings that glue right off! Nice, right?

┬áSee, by the front I had figured out my groove. It’s all in the groove.

Here is the final product on the base, in the room…

Oh, it works for me! See that huge dot in the background? Oh, the dot makes me giddy. I’m so excited to share the dot wall with you guys! Just waiting for an uber sunny day! Cross your fingers for one of those soon….I’m serious…we need some sun up in here.

Thanks for having me here, Rachel! I hope you guys can check out my link party every Friday as well!