Healthy Coconut Smoothie {Dairy Free}

I have a yummy smoothie recipe to share with you today! This is one of my favorites! It’s super easy to throw together in the morning or for a quick afternoon snack — and it’s packed full of healthy ingredients!

coconut smoothie : like a saturday

You will need:

1 c Coconut Milk {coconut is good for weight loss, promotes a healthy immune system, helps prevent heart disease, and gives you healthy skin and hair}

1 Tbs Coconut oil

1 Tbs Maca Powder {cholesterol reducer, helps with fatigue, and also helps with PMS symptoms}

1 Tbs Ground flax seed {high in fiber and omega-3’s}

1 tsp Vanilla extract

1/4 tsp Almond extract

1/4 tsp Cinnamon {regulates blood sugar, arthritis relief, brain booster}

Honey {To taste. I like to use local honey to help with my allergies.)

Ice Cubes

coconut smoothie : like a saturday

If you can’t find the maca powder, or don’t want to use it, it’s okay to omit. It has a nice nutty flavor and gives you a little energy boost, so I’d definitely recommend it. I bought a bag in the health food section of the grocery store that will last me forever. You could also try ordering on Amazon.

coconut smoothie : like a saturday

If you’re flax seed is already ground, toss all ingredients except for the ice into your blender. If you have something like a Magic Bullet, this is a great recipe for those smaller blenders. Blend all ingredients together, and then add the ice {if you try to put the ice in initially, it will cause the coconut oil to clump}.

coconut smoothie : like a saturday

And that’s it! It’s a delicious treat, especially in the spring or winter months.

coconut smoothie : like a saturday

Enjoy !






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