InstaFriday #21

Happy Friday! It’s that time again to dump this week’s iPhone photos!

Things are getting busy around here, and you can tell as the amount of times I Insta decreases. Ha – I guess I just don’t think to stop and take a picture when I’m spinning in 8 directions. Oh well.

We’re just a little over 2 weeks out from my sister’s wedding {!!!}, so I’ve been putting together a lot of little last minute things for that. That has, of course, included succulent planting! It’s pretty therapeutic. :)



I have taken the time to do a couple of little projects, and there is one I am just dying to show y’all next week. I am loving it! In the mean time, did you know you can sharpen your chalk in a pencil sharpener? Game changer. Chalk art just got easier.




Here lies my first selfie….with my dog. Macy and I both got fresh haircuts for all of the upcoming festivities. We kinda let her go for a couple of months, and she looks about half her size now. Girlfriend can have I’ve been grooming her myself {DIY with dogs?} since we’ve had her, and I think it’s time to send her to a professional. We pretty much end up scowling at each other for a bit after a hair cut.




Dad’s leg is apparently the best place to rest your head when road tripping. I’m currently on trip 1 of 3 this month — this time to celebrate my sister’s college graduation! Woohoo! I’m so proud of her and excited to celebrate!




How has your week been? Are you looking forward to a full or laid back weekend?

Have an awesome one!