10 Awesome DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is on June 16th this year, so you have about 10 days left to come up with gifts! My dad is one of the hardest people to find a gift for, and often times it’s hard to DIY gifts for guys. To make your life a little easier, I’ve rounded up 10 awesome DIY Father’s Day gifts! Whether the way to your dad’s heart is sentimental or through his stomach, I’ve got ya covered. You’re welcome. 10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. Six Pack Snacks

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Six Pack Snacks

I used this idea for my dad last year. I used a pack of empty Jones Soda bottles {that had been washed out, of course} and filled each with one of his favorite snacks. This would be a really easy project to customize. It doesn’t take much time or effort, and is fairly inexpensive!

2. Etched Drinking Glass / Beer Mug

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Etched Beer Glass

This is another inexpensive project that is easy to personalize. One fun idea would be to buy a set of glasses {maybe beer mugs or pilsner glasses} and etch on your dad’s favorite superhero logos. You could also try his initials, a message, or keep it simple and classy with a mustache. You can find affordable sets of glasses at Wal-Mart or Target, or you could even check the dollar store!

3. Custom Bar Stools

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Custom Bar Stools

If the dad in your life is lucky enough to have his own space or “man cave”, why not spruce up some plain bar stools to add to the space? If he’s into the mid-century, Mad Men look, these gold-dipped bar stools would be perfect for his space. If Mad Men isn’t his thing, you can’t go wrong with painting the stools in the color of his favorite sports team. If you’re feeling brave, you could even try painting or stenciling the team logo onto the seat.

4. DIY Bookends

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas : DIY Bookends

Ford the dad who is an avid reader, you could make some custom bookends for his office or book shelves. These gilded equestrian themed bookends would be sure to class up his space. Check out a craft or home store {like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s} for small statuettes that say something about what he likes {motorcycles, cars, sports, hunting, etc.} and spray one solid color.

5. Root Beer Sampler

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Root Beer Sampler

This idea is so much fun! It’s another one that is easy to customize – you could use root beer, the real deal, or any of dad’s favorite bottled drinks. I’ve had pretty good luck finding a good selection of beverages for “create your own” drink packs at our local grocery stores. I even saw a cardboard case that was already decorated for Father’s day at my store last night. If you’re not having much luck with your normal grocery store, check out a specialty store like Whole Foods, Central Market, or Trader Joe’s.

6. DIY Comic Book Coasters

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : DIY Comic Book Coasters

With all of those drinks, dad is going to need a place to set them. I love these DIY comic book coasters! Again, another easy project to customize. If your dad isn’t much into comics or superheroes, try his favorite sports team logos, movies, or musicians.

7. Homemade BBQ Sauce

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Homemade BBQ Sauce

In Texas, we love our BBQ. It’s usually dad’s job to work the grill. This is an easy and tasty recipe for homemade BBQ sauce. You could even add a jar of this to a gift basket of new grilling accessories.

8. Homemade Oreo Truffles

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Oreo Truffles

If dad has more of a sweet tooth, these Oreo truffles are sure to please. They are so easy to make and extra delicious! You made want to stash a couple away for yourself, because he isn’t going to want to share these!

9. Photo Collage

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Photo Collage

If you’d like to go the more sentimental route this Father’s day, put a spin on the usual framed photos and have your kiddos hold a message of why they love their daddy or grandpa. It’s a sweet way to remind him of how awesome he is. Send it to the office with him so he has an extra boost to get through the day.

10. Car Play Shirt

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gifts : Car Play Shirt

This is the most brilliant idea of all time. Have you ever had kids drive their toy cars on your back? It’s pretty much the next best thing to an actual massage. Give dad the gift of relaxation with a car play shirt. You can purchase this one from Etsy, but this would also be a fun one to DIY and add some favorite stops of dad and the kiddos – like their favorite ice cream shop.

Have you tackled your Father’s day gift list yet? If you’ve been stumped, hopefully this list has been helpful to you. You can also find more idea on my Father’s Day Gift Idea Pinterest board!