Easy Patriotic Breakfast for the Fourth of July

One of our Fourth of July traditions in our house is to have a big patriotic breakfast. On most mornings, we’re doing good to get out of the house with a granola bar in hand as our breakfast….so, it’s really nice to have a day to slow down and have a nice {real} breakfast. I love holidays, and I love a good theme, so I can’t leave well enough alone and just have eggs and bacon…we have to have some red, white, and blue in there too! :) Enter : my easy red, white, and blue waffles.

Step one : If you’re one of these so-called “morning people”, feel free to make your own waffles. If you’re like me and need 2-3 cups of coffee before you’re worth anything, or if you really don’t feel like cleaning up a gigantic mess….buy {good} frozen waffles and pop them in the toaster.

Step two : Find some nice, fresh strawberries and blueberries. Hello, summer captured in a small fruit. Slice up the strawberries and put all of your berries in some cute bowls or containers so your dear loved ones can build their own waffle.

Easy patriotic breakfast for the Fourth of July

I like to leave some of the slices strawberries fresh and as is, but I also like to make a batch of sweet, syrupy strawberries. If you stir in a little bit of plain white sugar with sliced strawberries, it will draw out some of the juices and create a syrup. The longer you let it sit, the more syrupy {is that a word?} it will be. You could even do this the night before and let it sit in the fridge. Delish.

Easy patriotic breakfast for the Fourth of July

We have our red and blue, but still need our white! This is where whipped cream comes to save the day with its fluffy, sugary goodness. Yummo. If you feel like being fancy {read : you’re a crazy morning person}, you can whip your own cream….or you can sleep in a few extra minutes and then sing the praises of pre-made Cool Whip.

Boom. Insta-patriotic-waffle-bar.

Easy patriotic breakfast for the Fourth of July

Now your sweet loved ones can fancy up their own waffles however they do please. Add a little whip, and then top with some berries. Claim that delicious breakfast in the name of American with a tiny toothpick flag and you are good to go! {Toothpick flag optional}

Easy patriotic breakfast for the Fourth of July

It’s easy, refreshing and delicious! And part of your complete breakfast!

Easy patriotic breakfast for the Fourth of July

What are some of your favorite Fourth-o-July traditions? 

Have a happy hump day!