InstaFriday + Miscellany

It’s Friday, and I’m so happy I could dance! Woohoo!


Other things making me want to dance : football is back! Kinda. Pre-season football is better than watching baseball {at least in Houston…ahem.}. I worked on the blog while we watched the Hall of Fame Game and I was ohsohappy, because we’re about to be knee deep in football season and even closer to FALL! :)



This week ended up kicking me in the patookus. It wasn’t terrible at all – just busy and exhausting.We’ve been going and going and going since last Friday night + really long, busy days at work + my house is suffering from neglect { I am so behind on everything} + the blog also suffered from neglect {so so behind} + my introverted self wants nothing more than to sit alone in a closet. And maybe take a nap. Totally normal, right? I brewed some afternoon coffee out of desperation yesterday, and I kid you not, as soon as I smelled it I had an epiphany. An epiphany that would save me from going insane and made the rest of my week so much easier. If you don’t believe in coffee miracles, then I don’t know what to tell ya! :)




My sister came over the other night so we could see her one last time before she heads off to school, and so we could finish a project we’ve been working on. I made Indian roasted chicken with jasmine rice and naan {glory, glory, hallelujah! recipe to come!}. We ate like uncivilized folk – on the floor around the coffee table…because why not. Macy just sat there like a statue and stared at the remains of what was once dinner with her little sniffer going… just waiting for us to turn our backs so she could make her move.



Also, yesterday day I was on BuzzFeed? My DIY ironing table project was featured on a dorm idea round up. So, that was kinda cool! And I only panicked a little bit!




1) Before you do anything else, you need to stop and make sure the new The Civil Wars album is in your life. It is so good! And it makes me all the more sad that they broke up, because they make amazing music together. But yes. Get this now. You can thank me later.

2) “On Earth as it is in Heaven “ – This one made me laugh and cry. Jen Hatmaker has a way of doing that to you! This is a really great read!

3) I need an excuse to make cookies. Wait. Hold the phone. Does anyone need an excuse? I just need to get on that! And when I do, next up is this recipe. These look heavenly.


Have a wonderful weekend!