New Mantel!


Ahem. Excuse my excitement. And let’s back up a bit.

fireplace beforeWe inherited this wonderful fireplace with our house, complete with gas logs. Living in South Texas, it gets used all of 3 times a year, but a fireplace was definitely on my “list” of things I wanted in our home when we were house shopping. And I love it! :)

It didn’t have a mantel, but we knew we wanted to add one at some point. After we painted the living room, I hung this art {from Home Goods} high to leave room for something. Aaaannnnddd….4 years later……. ;)

I mainly wanted a mantel simply to decorate for each season. I wanted a place to hang stockings at Christmas, and display family photos. Our old entertainment center served as faux mantel in the mean time.

I decorated it for Fall….

mantle2I decorated it for Christmas…

wintermenagerie1But then Santa brought us a new TV and media cabinet, so we were officially faux and real mantel-less.

TV standSo, earlier this year I bought a crown molding style shelf from Pottery Barn. They were already on sale at the time, plus I had a coupon so I scored quite the deal. Once the shelf arrived, I just stuck it in a closet. I had plans to repaint the living room this year and planned on hanging my new mantel after that was finished.

Um. So. You might have figured this out already, but I still haven’t painted. This year just hasn’t gone as planned {to say the least}. So in the closet the shelf sat for months on end.

Fast forward to this past weekend, I started decorating for Fall, so I pulled that puppy out to hang. I need a Fall mantel, after all!

Pottery Barn shelf as mantelIsn’t it great? I’m so happy to finally have a mantel! The directions were so easy to follow and I had no problem hanging this by myself. Way to go, Pottery Barn!

Pottery Barn shelf as mantelPottery Barn shelf as mantelThere are multiple sizes to choose from – both in length and depth. We chose a shelf that is only 5″ deep since the fireplace is so close to our back door and on an angle. We were worried that we’d have a few accidents if they were too close.

Pottery Barn shelf as mantel

 I decorated the new mantel for Fall right after I took these pictures, and I can’t wait to show you! I’m waiting on one more thing to come in the mail so I can finish up, so we’ll just have to hold our horses until next week! :)