Cookbook Shelf {a furniture makeover}

Hi there! How was your weekend? ‘Tis the season for our weekends to be dictated by football…and boy…there were a lot of ups and downs. We’re Texas fans if that tells you anything. Wompwomp.

…But y’all know I’m squeezing projects in between football games! This weekend I finished up a cookbook shelf for my Momma. :)

Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom WhiteThe before of this guy was pretty sad. He had been used and abused. Beat up…and I’m pretty sure a cat got to him. However, this shelf has beautiful lines and details…and fits perfectly between the pantry and built in desk area in my parents’ kitchen.

cook book shelf beforeTo start this makeover, I gave the entire shelf a good sanding and a coat of spray primer. It’s always good to prime pieces that are older, made of dark wood, or sporting some battle wounds. It will help the paint go on much nicer. I used Rustoleum’s Heirloom White {I love this white!}.

Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom WhiteI am loving this shelf’s new look! My favorite part of this cookbook shelf is the sides. The detailing reminds me of a stained glass window. Beautiful!

Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom White


Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom White - blue and white plates


Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom White - mason jarsThe crisp white makes my Mom’s pretty things pop, and looks beautiful with the other colors in the kitchen. It is such a wonderful addition to have – being able to store her cookbooks in an easily accessible area and also have more room to display things that are special to my mom.

Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom White


Cookbook Shelf in Heirloom WhiteI’m so glad my Mom loves her new shelf! I can’t get enough of doing projects for the people I love! :)

Have a great day!