Needle Felted Elbow Patches

In between scrubbing grout and painting cabinets, I’ve done a few smaller crafty things. It’s quite therapeutic. I went to my Pinterest board in search of some craft ideas that have been sitting there for way to long without being attempted. Sometimes it’s good to stop pinning for a bit, and do. :)

Needle felted elbow patches

I pinned this idea for-ev-er ago. Since we’ve finally approached sweater weather {kinda} I thought now would be a fun time to attempt the needle felted elbow patch. I found a comfy and light sweater on clearance at good ol’ Target.

Supplies needed for felted elbow patchYou will also need wool roving in the color of your choice {bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.99}, felting needles and pad, a cookie cutter, and an iron.

Needle felted elbow patches : Step 1To get started, put your sweater on and mark right under your elbows with tape. This is where the bottom of your felt shape will sit.

Needle felted elbow patches : Step 2Change out of the sweater and slip the felting pad inside the sleeve, under where your felt shape will be.

Needle felted elbow patches : Step 3Place the cookie cutter in the right spot and fill with a little bit of roving wool. Spread it out evenly so it fills the shape. You don’t need very much wool at all. Remember, it’s easier to add wool later than to take away.

Needle felted elbow patches : Step 4This is where it gets to be very satisfying and therapeutic. Start stabbing away at the wool with your felting needle. This tucks the wool fibers into the sweater. I like to start with the edges to define the shape, and then work my way in. Poke at it until it is flat and even enough. If you’ve never needle felted before, I recommend checking out some how-to videos on YouTube.

Once you’re finished needle felting both sleeves, spritz the felt with a bit of water and iron on the wool setting. This will set the felt.

Needle felted elbow patches

Needle felted elbow patches


And there you have it! This is a super easy and inexpensive way to add a bit of character to an otherwise boring sweater.

needle felted elbow patches - easy and inexpensive way to add character to a plain sweater or cardigan

What Pinterest ideas have been sitting on your board for way too long. Need more inspiration? Check out my board full of genius crafty ideas here!





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