Painted Wooden Thrift Store Bowl

I have another quick and easy craft project for you today! One of my favorite thrift store items to hunt for is wooden bowls. I can almost always find one, and there are so many way to update them. They are perfect to have around the house to catch small items — and can also make great gifts!

hand painted wooden thrift store bowl

I found this one at Goodwill for 99 cents! I love a good deal!

wooden thrift store bowl - 99 cents


I planned to give this bowl a facelift with a bit of craft paint {like the bamboo mixing spoons I painted this summer}.

I roughed up the area to be painted with sandpaper so they paint would stick well. I decided to free hand wiggly stripes on the bottom half of the bowl. I used a metallic gold, grey blue, and a pearly white {it’s hard to tell in the pics, but it has a metallic sheen}.

hand painted wooden thrift store bowl


This project didn’t take long at all. You could spice up a plain wooden bowl with any combination of colors and patterns.

hand painted wooden thrift store bowl

You could have a painted wood bowl by your door to corral your keys, a bowl by your bed for jewelry, one in the laundry room to catch loose change, or on your coffee table full of candy! There are seriously so many uses for these guys. Not bad for 99 cents!


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