Top 10 Posts of 2013

Remember me? I’m baaaack! And it feels great! It was wonderful to take a little bit of time off from blogging. We basked in the glow of the Christmas tree, had 5 {5!} Christmases, soaked up time with family and friends, slept in late, lazed around, and caught up on a few things. Whew! That’s a lot of doing in just a few days! :) 

I’m excited to be back at the blogging game and I’m so looking forward to this next year! Sometimes it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished that much…until I look back at all of the projects I’ve tackled in a year. I thought I’d share the top 10 most popular posts this year at Like a Saturday. I’m often surprised by the posts that take off more than others. They’re usually the ones that require the least amount of effort and money. I’m all for that! :)

10) E-A-T — DIY Faux Metal Letters

These letters were so fun and easy to put together. I might try my hand at another “metal” at some point! Maybe antique brass? 

DIY Faux Metal Letters

9) How to Organize a Small Pantry

I made over and organized my pantry pre-blogging, but I shared some tips on how I keep our tiny pantry organized. I’ll have another pantry post for you in the near future! 

How to Organize a Small Pantry

8) Designer Inspired Trash Cans

I took a design challenge and create some designer inspired trash cans. I was shocked at the difference it made! 

t{Ditto} DIY : Designer Inspired Trash Cans

7) DIY Cinderblock Benches

We started a patio makeover last spring with these fabulous cinder block benches. We have loved them and are looking forward to doing more work on the back patio this year. 

back patio 5

6) Photo Booth Backdrop {Made from Dollar Store Tablecloths}

No party is complete without a photo booth! We had a blast at our Super Bowl party with this added touch. The kiddos especially loved it! {and it only cost $6!}. 

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

5) 3 Bean Chili – Made in the Wonderbag 

This 3 bean chili was so delicious, and even easier to make with the Wonderbag! Such a neat product!

3 Bean Chili

4) How to Hide TV Wires

I still long for the day that everything is wireless. Until then, my solution for hiding all of the TV wires works for me! 

TV stand

3) Coffee Table Refresh

Our coffee table got a facelift when I stripped and re-stained our coffee table. It was so much easier than I thought it would be! 

coffee table refresh {and new rug} : like a saturday

2) How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is great {until is starts chipping}. I discovered an easy way to avoid a seconds trip to the salon by removing it at home. 

how to remove gel nail polish

1) DIY Ironing Table from a TV Tray

The most viewed and featured post on this blog has been the small ironing table I made from a TV tray. It was also the cheapest, since I already had everything on hand. I gave this to my mom, who started quilting last year. She keeps it next to her sewing table and loves having her iron so easily accessible. 

diy small ironing table : like a saturday


If you want to take a look at any other past projects, you can easily find them in the project gallery. {It is located in the top navigation}. 

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this little blog of mine! It means so much to me! I am so looking forward to this next year and I can’t wait to start crossing projects off my to-do list. :) 

Have a great week and a happy New Year!





top 10 posts of 2013