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I hope you are all staying warm! We actually had freezing rain here {and snow in some areas of town} yesterday! We haven’t had weather like that in about 5 years. The city pretty much shut down and we all are bundled up. No worries though…it’ll be back up to 75 on Saturday. 

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I’m super excited for round two of the Look for Less challenge! I love working with these seriously talented and creative ladies! Be sure to check out each on of their posts and feast your eyes on the amazingness! If you missed the last challenge, or need a little refresher, you can find that post here

Look for Less : DIY your own lamp for only $50! That's $200 less than the inspiration!

My project for this challenge ended up being approximately 800 times easier than I thought it would be. I love it when that happens {because it never does! ha!}. As I’ve mentioned before, we have a tiny entry way that doesn’t really have room for a table. We do have an odd little corner just beyond the foyer area. In a moment of using what I had, I stuck this tiny little lamp on the table. It served its purpose for a time, but I knew this space needed a more substantial lamp.

Entry table - beforeI’ve always admired the glass bottle/jug lamps. They can be large enough for a space without taking up too much visual room since they are usually clear or translucent. The only problem is the bottle lamps I gravitated towards were way out of the budget, like this $250 lamp from Shades of Light.

shades of light lampSo, I set out to make my own. I’ve seen a few tutorials for making your own lamp, and they usually involved drilling a hole through the bottle with a special drill bit. I was fully prepared to do this…a bit nervous, but optimistic. I then accidentally stumbled upon this lamp kit. This kit is made specifically to turn bottles into lamps. 

bottle lamp kitThe kit comes with 3 sizes of adapters so it will fit a variety of bottles. The only thing left was to find the perfect bottle for my lamp. 

Enter Target. They always have what I need! They have several sizes and colors of these bottle jugs right now. I chose the milky white frosted bottle in the largest size. 

Target bottle to turn into a lampAll you have to do to create your own lamp is assemble the lamp kit per the instructions on the package {super easy!} and then place it on the neck of the bottle. The adapter keeps the light pretty snug on the bottle, but I added just a bit of glue to keep it a little more secure. 

Look for Less : Create your own bottle lamp in minutes! It seriously only took me about 5 minutes to put the lamp together! I think this wins the award for easiest DIY ever! 

Look for Less : Create your own bottle lamp in minutes! On thing I like about this method vs. drilling a hole {besides drilling a hole in my beautiful bottle} is the cord comes from the light kit instead of going through the bottle. The cord is easy to hide and you don’t have to look at the cord running through the lamp. 

Look for Less : Create your own bottle lamp in minutes! I also found the shade at Target. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it has a slight metallic sheen in the fibers. {You can see it a bit in the next photo}.

Look for Less : Create your own bottle lamp in minutes! This project came in right around $50! I actually used a gift card, so it cost me even less than that. So much better than a $250 price tag! I even like mine better! I prefer the rounded shape of the bottle to the boxier one. 

Look for Less : DIY your own bottle lamp for only $50! That's $200 less than the inpiration!Don’t forget to check out the other awesome Look for Less projects!

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Have you ever DIYed something for less? Spill the beans! :)




Look for Less : Create your own bottle lamp for only $50! $200 less than the inspiration!