Pantry Remodel and Organization

I’m still on an organizing kick around here! How about you? Let’s talk pantries today! 

I’ve shown y’all how I keep my teeny tiny pantry organized. Today, I’ll show you how these same tricks work even if you have a little extra space. I recently had fun organizing my parents’ pantry {yes…fun organizing a pantry! :) } after my dad did a little  bit of shifting and remodeling. 

Pantry Remodel - BEFOREThe main issue with their pantry was the placement of the shelves. Before, the shelves were placed on the right hand wall. It just didn’t make sense and it was difficult to see what you were looking for. There wasn’t enough room for food and other items that needed to go in there. My dad tore out the old shelves and built new ones on the back wall so you can see the items you’re looking for as soon as you open the door. I think they actually ended up with more shelf space this way. 

Pantry Remodel - PROGRESSHe also ripped out the old spice rack that was hardly functional {I’ll show you the solution for this later} and redid the lighting. He installed a new overhead light fixture, a new light switch and added LED lights under each shelf. The lighting solutions in this pantry are game changers! My mom painted the walls a pretty blue color. {I’m all for painting pantries and closets! There’s no reason for them to be boring!}. The square that is taped off was our “growth chart”. We shall not zoom in, otherwise you’ll see that I’m the same measly height I was in the sixth grade. ;) 

Here is how the pantry looks now from the same angle. It’s a pretty drastic change, isn’t it?

Pantry Remodel and OrganizationOk, so….how do you have an organized pantry that works for you? First thing first…make it pretty! I’m always more inclined to keeping things organized if the space is visually appealing. Paint the walls a favorite color, change the lighting, use labels and baskets that make you smile. 

 Pantry Remodel and OrganizationSecondly….say it with me y’all…. Baskets are our FRIENDS. :) 

All kidding aside, baskets really are helpful tools in keeping organized. Most of these baskets we bought from Walmart, apart from a few my mom already had. We kept them all white so the pantry would look more uniform, bright and cheery. Stick a pretty, clear label on each basket and you’ll never have trouble finding anything. With my own pantry, I love being able to just pull out a basket, find what I need and then put it back where it belongs. I keeps things so much neater! 

While you are sorting through your pantry goods, take this time to check expiration dates and throw out anything that is past its prime. If you have anything that is still good but you know you won’t use, start a donation pile for your local food bank.

I designed my own labels using PicMonkey and then laminated each one with my Scotch laminator. Each label was attached to the baskets with velcro. 

Pantry Remodel and OrganizationPantry Remodel and OrganizationWe bought this 3-tiered shelf for the canned goods. These are the best! The different levels allow you to see a bit of each can, so you know what you have at a glance. 

Pantry Remodel and Organization


moms pantry 10Put your most used items at eye level, or at the easiest to reach shelf. Items you don’t use as often can go on higher or lower shelves.

 Pantry Remodel and Organization


Pantry Remodel and OrganizationI transferred the flour and sugar into these pretty Anchor Hocking jars. I found a couple of Blue Willow cups that belonged to my grandma to use as scoops. My mom really loves blue, especially that cobalt shade. It added a bit of prettiness to the pantry, but also a little reminder of my grandma. :)

Pantry Remodel and OrganizationThe old spice rack was replaced with two of these wire shelving units. It added so much more storage space and its easier to find and get to what you need. Function is so important when working on an organizing project! If it’s not easy to find and put away, you’re not likely to keep the space organized.

Pantry Remodel and Organization


After I took photos of the finished product, they added a bit of cobalt colored trim as a frame around our measurements.

Pantry Remodel and OrganizationThe LED lights just top everything off. I’m kinda jealous and thinking my pantry and linen closet could use some of these!

Pantry Remodel and Organization

Pantry Remodel and OrganizationOrganizing your spaces and adding touches of prettiness can help change how you feel about your home {not to mention make your days a little simpler}. What space in your home would you like to get organized the most? 

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