Pretty in Pink {Monthly Giveaway}

It’s time for Februarys giveaway!! Gracie and I so love being able to spoil y’all with these monthly giveaways, and not to mention all of the cool shops we find along the way! For February it took us some time to figure out what we wanted to give y’all. I mean this is the month of all things pink and girly so we figured we would just go along with that theme :)

We want y’all to feel beautiful every day not just on the big date nights so we have put together the perfect package that one lucky person will win on Valentines day!


Our first prize is this stun-ning robe by CelestineDreams. These are typically given as bridesmaid gifts but boy wouldn’t it feel nice to put this on after getting out of the shower, who cares if you aren’t a bridesmaid! We have chosen this beautiful Satin and Lace pale pink robe for y’all and Jessica and her team will make sure to have it custom made just for YOU! Don’t get too antsy y’all should know that all good things take a bit of time, so this custom robe may take up to 4 weeks to get it just right for you!

Please be sure to visit ClestineDreams at all their social media! 

Next up is another pretty piece that will help you pamper yourself every day! Jen from LishieShop has graciously included her “You are Beautiful” vinyl decal. This little message can be placed on your mirror so every morning when you wake up and every night before bed you will be told “You are beautiful yes, you”. I know I would like that :)  The vinyl measures 11inches x 5.3 inches and is removable but not re-usable.

Please be sure to visit LishieShop’s links, we want to show our appreciation for them being so generous!

Now that you are a prettied up in your robe and feeling good after reading your inspiring vinyl how about some bling!! Antebellum Baubles is contributing a set of her glorious stackable baubles!! This set is super girly and fun to pair with anything from a little black dress to jeans and a sweater. Just enough bling for any day :)

Please be sure to visit Antebellum’s links, we want to show our appreciation for them being so generous!


Yayyyy for a totally fab giveaway! This giveaway will run from Tuesday February 4th until February 14th, yep, Valentines dayyy! We hope you all pamper yourself with all things girly this month!!



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