Pom Pom Blanket {an Ikea hack}

I have another fun, super easy craft project to share with you today! I made a big Ikea trip this past weekend. First things first…maybe don’t make a journey to Ikea on a Saturday when you haven’t had enough to eat. You will feel like you’re going to lose your crap when you’re in the middle of the store with two screaming children coming towards you from both directions. It’s just going to happen like that. So, my number one tip for you fine folks today is eat your protein before heading to Ikea on a Saturday. You’re welcome for that one. 

Among my haul was the ever popular Eivor throw. I’ve been adding a lot of black and white to the house, and this knit blanket fits right in. {My best friend will also tell you about a time in my life when I pretty much only bought black and white clothes. I’ve since added blues and reds. Look at me becoming more adventurous.). Although I liked the blanket as is, I thought it would be fun to add a little something extra. 

Ikea blanket hack with pom poms

I tried making pom poms for the first time. I now want to pom pom ALL THE THINGS!! They’re so much fun to make. And easy! I made my whole batch o’poms while watching Jimmy Fallon {love him}. I knew these little cuties would look so cute on the ends of my new blanket. 

Ikea blanket hack with pom poms

{I couldn’t get a good picture to show you how I did them, but there are plenty of tutorials sprinkled throughout Pinterest. I used the method that involved wrapping the yarn around my hand. I wrapped the yarn about 40 times for each pom pom.}

Ikea blanket hack with pom poms

I made a total of 10 pom poms – 5 for each short side of the blanket. I started by hand sewing them onto the corners. I just stuck the threaded needle through the center of the pom, came back through and went back down a few more times and made sure to tie a tight knot. You can’t even see the thread.

pom pom blanket 2

The next pom pom went onto the center stripe, and the last two went on the stripes in the very middle of the center and corner stripes. {Does that make sense?}. Basically, I just made sure they were evenly spaced.

Ikea blanket hack with pom poms

You could do this project with pretty much any blanket, any color yarn, and any size and number of pom poms. 

 Have fun pom-pom-ing! ;)





Ikea hack pom pom blanket