InstaFriday + Miscellany

Happy Friday! The weekend is upon us once again. Woohoo! We have a full weekend ahead of us celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday. It’s going to be a good one! What are you up to this weekend?



 Isn’t he cute? This is from Tim’s first Christmas. I just can’t even with this picture. TOO.CUTE.


 We’re using our record player more than ever lately. This was our haul from date night a couple of weekends ago. Both of the Nickel Creek albums were used. Who sells their Nickel Creek albums? A fool, that’s who. {Not to be confused with Nickelback. Two very different bands. Very.}.


I also scored this one at Goodwill. We had bluegrass worship last Sunday at church {I love our church. These are the fun things you get to do when Robbie Seay is your worship leader.}. Singing “I’ll Fly Away”  reminded me of ol’ Johnny’ s version. I was really glad I found this just a few days before so I could feed that small corner of old country/bluegrass lovin’ in my heart. 


 My sweet friends are about to welcome a new baby girl! We got to shower my friend Amanda on Saturday. I’ve known her husband since we were 8 years old, and I’ve traveled overseas with Amanda. I’m excited for them as they get ready for a new season! Hooray for babies!


 Aside from bingeing on vinyl, we’ve also been bingeing on tacos. When the weather is awesome, it’s a must to sit on a patio with some greasy tacos! 


DIY Embellished Baby Hats {by Like a Saturday}

 I’m over at Someday Crafts today sharing a tutorial for a quick and easy baby gift. 


Myra from My Blessed Life always has the most gorgeous mantel displays! Her new Spring mantel is certainly no exception!

And last but not least…a little laugh for your Friday. We’re kinda obsessed with Jimmy Fallon in our house. We DVR it every night and watch it after work {that is because I’m a grandma and can’t stay up that late anymore}. Add Don Draper and a little photo bombing and you’ve got yourself some hilarity. 


Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!