Our Home : The Entry Way

A few weeks ago, I repainted half of our house {in Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams}. The lighter color has been a breath of fresh air. Everything seems a bit brighter and airier in the house. If you give a mouse blogger a cookie new paint color….lots of little tweaks will happen. It’s like dominos around here. I have plenty of changes to show you in the coming weeks! 

Up first is our itty bitty entry way. Here is what it looked like when we moved in {along with every other space in the house… a complete blank slate}.

entry before.jpgYou can pin that if you want. This photo makes it look like you were stepping into a house of horrors. 

I unfortunately don’t have a very good “in between” shot. We never really did much to the space. It got a coat of Restrained Gold by SW and we cycled through a couple of so-so rugs. The entry eventually got a mirror, coat hook and art…But even those little touches took me forever to get around to. It’s a bit sad, really. Even though our entry is short of anything grandiose, it should feel welcoming since it is the first place a visitor’s foot steps. 

Here is what we’re working with now. It no longer looks like something that would appear on an episode of Dateline. {It’s a very hard space to photograph, so bear with this amateur photog}. 

How to work with a small entry wayThe new paint color already brings this space up several notches. I finally took the plunge and painted the inside of the door black using Rustoleum’s semi-gloss paint. I bought a quart and hardly made a dent in the can. {Which is great since I need to touch up the outside}. The bamboo shade {which is a bit hard to see because of the glaring sun} is from Home Depot. I put those shades on the front and back door and it has made such a difference! The window panes have also been frosted since moving in. {We don’t want any creepers, ok?}

RANARP pendant in entry wayWe finally replaced the original {pitiful} circa 1992 light fixture. I don’t have a picture of it, but you can imagine. Between the flush mount fixture, our tall ceilings, and approximately 42 screws…it was very hard to change the light bulbs. I want to kiss our new RANARP pendant from none other than Ikea. We’re definitely loving the more modern and industrial feel the light brings. 

RANARP pendant  in entry wayI want to buy every single light from this line. What’s not to love? Especially that gold touch and the black and white fabric cord. I’m using and Edison style bulb since it is very visible. My husband pointed out that the lighting almost looks like that in a gallery. It fits perfectly — since 1) there are few things we enjoy more than strolling through the art museum and 2) I moved one of my favorite paintings by my talented hubs to this space. 

How to work with a small entry way

How to work with a small entry wayThis painting was in the kitchen before, but a few things were rearranged in there as well. I’m happy to have it in a more visible place. The scale is also better than the print I had hanging here before. 

How to work with a small entry wayI made the wall hooks a while back by distressing a board of wood and adding drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby. The industrial style stool is from Target.

How to work with a small entry wayThe entry way is not large or wide enough for a console table. The front door would constantly be bumping into it. I added the stool so we could have a spot to sit and slip on shoes or set something down on the way in or out. I think it definitely helps the space feel more complete. 

entry way rugThe rug was a lucky find. It was only $10 in the Bed, Bath & Beyond clearance bin. And it works perfectly with our living room rug! 

How to work with a small entry wayRight around the corner is my telephone table and DIY glass bottle lamp. This little table and the bar stool fully make up for not being able to fit a console table. {Yes – the outlet is still missing its cover weeks later. Its how I roll.}

How to work with a small entry wayYou don’t have to have a grand foyer, or even a real designated entry way, to create a welcoming entrance. Get creative with whatever space you have! You can totally make it work! 

What is the entrance to your home like?