How to Hang a Gallery Wall around the TV

Hi y’all! Happy middle of the week! On Monday I revealed our new gallery wall that we put up around the TV {the one that has been in the plans for 2 years}. If you missed that post, you can find it here along with a list of sources. Today, as promised, I’m going to show you how I settled on a layout and then got everything hung. 

How to Hang a Gallery Wall around the TV

The hardest part of this whole project for me was getting rolling. My arrangements almost always start slow, whether its hanging a gallery of pictures like this or creating a mantel display. It takes a bit of time for me to find the right start, but eventually something clicks. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to decide on your configuration. 

I gathered all of the frames and items I had collected over the last several months and a couple different rolls of wrapping paper {in different colors}. First, I made templates by tracing the outline of each item I thought I might hang on brown paper. I cut them all out and labeled them {except for the ones I could easily identify}. I also marked where the nails should go on many of them to make the actual hanging that much easier. 

How to Hang a Gallery Wall around the TVI started plotting out my arrangement by hanging the templates around the TV with tape. I played around with it a bit, moving them around until I thought I had the right fit. This is the best way to see how the shapes and sizes of your wall hangings will work together, but it is good to keep in mind what colors you are working with. 

Once I was happy with the template layout on the wall, I moved to the floor. I measured the height and width of the TV screen and created another template with a different color of wrapping paper. I laid that onto the floor, and then started mimicking the template layout with the actual frames. 

How to Hang a Gallery Wall around the TVSince I used multi-colored frames, laying them out like this was the best way for me to see how everything worked together visually. This would of course be most simple if only using black and white prints in one color frame, but I guess I like to keep things interesting for myself. ;) 

If I made a tweak to my layout on the floor, I did the same to the template layout on the wall. Once I was happy with my arrangement, it was time to hang! I used a combination of nails, thumbtacks, and command trips to get everything hung. I could hammer a nail or stick a thumbtack directly through the marked spot on the template, and then just tear the template away to make sure I got everything hung in the right spot. I started from the left side of the TV and worked my way around. 

How to Hang a Gallery Wall around the TVI worked on hanging the gallery wall over two days {an hour here and there}, but you could definitely knock this out in an afternoon. 

Do you have any special tips for hanging art?

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