My Clean House Secret

 Happy Wednesday, y’all! We’re on the downhill slope to the weekend! :) If your week has been anything like mine {or the last several weeks…ahem}, you’re running a bit behind on things and will be dedicating part of your hard earned weekend to whipping your house back into shape. Today I’m sharing my secret to a clean house. While I wish I had the Mary Poppins secret to snapping your fingers to a clean house, my secret is much more along the lines of “whistle while you work”. 

I haven't figured out how to snap everything into place like Mary Poppins, but I've found the secret to not completely dreading house work!

 Are you ready for it??….my clean house secret is….Podcasts! No, it’s not a cleaning schedule or a fancy mop {although, I do try to maintain a daily schedule so I don’t have to tackle it all at once}. I have really gotten into podcasts this year, and they have made the mundane chores so much more delightful! I pop in my ear buds, fire up the latest podcast and get to scrubbing. I’m not procrastinating my chores anymore because I so look forward to my weekly podcasts! It’s very much the Netflix while folding laundry effect. 

There are many different apps for subscribing and listening to podcasts. I use RSSRadio, but there are a ton of great apps out there. I can’t share my secret without sharing some great podcasts! Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

happy hour podcast

 I’ve been following Jamie’s blog for a few years now and as super excited when she launched her podcast this year. She’s an adoptive momma and a fellow Texan. She used to work in radio, so she does a really great job and seems very natural. She invites a girlfriend onto the show and they just chat. Her guests are always so much fun and inspiring. I have enjoyed hearing all of their stories. It really feels like I’m at happy hour with girlfriends. I’ve even caught myself responding to the conversation. Jamie also gives a ton of great book recommendations! 

 2) The Inspired to Action Podcast

inspired to action


Kat Lee is the host of The Inspired to Action Podcast {which is also the name of her blog}. Kat’s main audience is mom’s, but I’ve been greatly inspired by her guests even though I’m not a mom yet. She also has a great podcast for bloggers called How They Blog that I love as well. 

3) The Big Boo Cast

big boo cast


The Big Boo Cast is hosted by none other than Boo Mama {Sophie Hudson} and Big Mama {Melanie Shankle}. These ladies New podcasts only come about once a month, but the wait it totally worth it. It’s just the two of them and they’re usually just covering what is going on in their lives at the moment – their kids, their college football teams, makeup, clothes….really, it’s like listening in on someone’s phone conversation. I always laugh at loud when listening to this one. It’s a must if you’re needing a good dose of southern charm.  

4) The Art of Simple Podcast

art of simple podcast

 The Art of Simple Podcast is hosted by Tsh Oxenreider. She and her family are currently on a year long trip around the world, so her latest podcasts have been extra interesting. Tsh brings on some really great guests. I’m always so fascinated by the people she has on! Most of them seem to be living their lives a bit differently – going against the grain – and I love it! Another inspiring listen. 

5) The Relevant Podcast



This one may be a bit taste specific, but it is one of my favorites. And when I say taste specific….I mean you have to have an odd sense of humor. :) If you’re familiar with Relevant Magazine, you will probably really enjoy this podcast. They have several regular cast members {including Shauna Niequist}. They always have an interview or two from one of their latest magazine features, but they also cover some recent interesting news stories. I’m always laughing at loud throughout this podcast. 

Are you an avid podcast listener? What are some of your favorites? I could always stand to add a few to my subscription list! :)

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