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Well, I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now…and I have yet to do a proper home tour! I figured it was about time I got on that. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you a room by room tour of our home, showing you the sparse looking “befores” and spilling the beans on all of the room details. You’ll be able to find all of the rooms in the tour here {or click on the “Home Tour” menu option}. 

I’m not going in any logical order. Unless logical means I started by photographing the cleanest room first…then yes. So, first up is out colorful, eclectic guest room! 

guest room title


We bought our home a little over 5 years ago right as we were getting married. Our house was built in 1992 and had only one owner before us. And she had never touched a thing. Original fixtures. Original floor. Original unpainted walls. We had a completely blank slate to start with! Exhibit A : the before photo. You can pin that if you want to. 

guest room before

The room got a fresh coat of paint {Cloudburst by Sherwin Williams}, new 2 inch wood blinds, new carpet and a ton of color!

guest room 5

This room is admittedly the place where all the miscellaneous stuff went to live, but we made it fun! The paint color was much darker and more saturated than we though it would be. The bed is actually a trundle bed. We pull it out when we have overnight guests and can either leave it as a two twins or push them together for one larger bed. Our secondary bedrooms are small, so this is a great space saver for us. The headboard is vintage and the quilt is from Urban Outfitters circa 2009. 

guest room 8

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our entire house is this old radio cabinet. It belonged to my great-grandma and got passed on down the line until it ended up with me. It was originally a dark wood, but it has since been painted avocado green and then white. It’s a bit chippy now, but I love it that way. 

guest room 1

The vintage printers’ tray was a $5 garage sale find. The wooden lamp came from a thrift store and the globe from a flea market.

guest room 2


Last Christmas, I added the “Joy to the World” stickers and I liked it so much I just kept it. The world needs joy all year long! :)

guest room 3

I redid the dresser recently to have a vintage library vibe. 

guest room 6


The rose painting is by my grandma. The lamp belonged to Tim’s grandpa, and the purple chicken was my great-grandmother’s. We’ve inherited a lot of great stuff, and it makes our hearts happy to have sentimental items spread around the house. 

guest room 7

A lot of projects from this room have been featured on the blog. You can find them below:

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DIY Polka Dotted Pillow Cover

This room has already had a few changes since I took these photos, and it’s about to have a ton more! If you haven’t heard, my husband and I are smack dab in the middle of the adoption process. We have been working hard to get all of the necessary paper work, classes, etc. done and out of the way {which explains why things have been so quiet on the blog}, and we are so close to being done! We’ll be finished before Thanksgiving! And then I get to start the fun part of getting {what will now be} the nursery ready to go! I’ve got grand plans for this room, but I’ll show you those later. ;)

Do you have a designated guest room in your home? I’m about to lose mine, so if you don’t….what do you do when you have overnight guests?

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