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It’s back to reality for me! I took some time off to celebrate the Holidays, and then Tim and I took a spur of the moment trip out of town for a few days. It was nice to get out of our routine for a bit….but I’m happy to be easing back into it! :)

This past Fall, after 2+ years of blogging, I finally started putting together a proper home tour. So far, I’ve shown you our master bedroom and bathroom, the guest room {soon-to-be nursery}, hall bath and laundry room. After switching gears towards the Christmas frenzy, I’m restarting the tour today with our home office. 

…or really I should say our office/craft/sewing/music/all purpose/everything room! 

office collage

This room really is a hodge podge since it serves so many purposes. We have my husband’s desk area where he does some of his design work and keeps his sports memorabilia. That was one of those “things” when we first got married. He basically had a full shrine to Vince Young since it wasn’t long after he brought the University of Texas to a National Championship victory. We’ve pared down some of the VY accoutrements. ;)

office 7

 Next to his desk is a collection of a few of our musical instruments. {Don’t be fooled – they are sorely neglected}. 

office 5

As you keep turning and pass the closet that is packed to the brim with art and craft supplies, is our book case. 

office 3

 I also have my own little desk nook. I usually keep my sewing machine on the desk so I don’t have to haul it out whenever I need it. I have a couple of shelves for displaying cute things. The chair was a roadside find that I made over to fit the space. {The photo below is pre-carpet replacement, but it is more or less the same}.  

office nook 1 The walls were painted “Techno Grey” by Sherwin Williams about 5 years ago. I was actually resistant to the color grey, but am now obsessed after my graphic designer husband talked me into it. It is good to have neutral colors {like white or grey} in a creative workspace. 

office 13

We haven’t spent a ton of time or money on this room. We painted the room, stuck in our pre-marriage furniture and pretty much called it a day. It functioned very well for us for a long time, but our life has changed somewhat since then. It’s certainly not at the top of our priority list, but I would love to give this room a makeover. I would love to make it more organized and functional for our lives now. 

office 14

 Ideally, I’d love to create a faux built in desk along the main wall {where my husband’s desk sits now. Maybe something a bit like this. I’d love to add a lot of shelving above the desk unit where we could store books, tchotckes, and sports memorabilia. The extra workspace would be very beneficial to us. 

Do you have your own dedicated work space at home? Is it a whole office/study or just a little corner you’ve carved out for yourself? 

Have a great day! 

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