Soda Bottle Valentine

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All signs of Christmas have been packed away and we’re enjoying a little bit of blank space in the house. But still, I can’t help but look forward a bit to Valentine’s Day. There is something about all of the red, pink, glitter and lace that gets me excited! This holiday lovin’ girl always has seasonal crafts on the brain. Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite Valentine gifts to give! 

soda-bottle-valentine-titleI have been making these adorable Soda Bottle Valentines for years! Really they work great for any holiday or event, but I especially love them for heart day. 

coke-bottle-valentine-suppliesTo make your own Valentine pack, you will need a case of glass bottled sodas {any soda brand will do, but the red Coke bottles works great for Valentine’s day}, Valentine colored candy pieces, needle nose pliers, and any embellishments you’d like. I gathered a variety of ribbons, baker’s twine, paper doilies, washi tape and felt hearts & roses. 

coke-bottle-valentine-candyAs far as candies go, anything that is small enough to fit through the neck of the bottle will do. I chose holiday colored M&M’s, candy corn, and conversation hearts. 

The very first step is to empty the bottles and wash them thoroughly. Make sure to save all of the bottle caps. Give them plenty of time to dry before starting your project. If you put the candy in a damp bottle, you’ll have a big sticky mess on your hands! 

coke-bottle-valentine-fillOnce your bottles are ready and dry, start filling them with candy. 

coke-bottle-valentine-capsNext, you’ll replace the bottle caps. Use needle nose pliers to make them fit back onto the bottle. 


soda-bottle-valentine-backAll you have left to do is embellish the bottles {read : make them cute!}. On some bottles I just tied on some cute ribbon or vintage lace. On others, I used paper doilies and baker’s twine or heart patterned washi tape and hot glued on felt hearts and roses. You can either give each bottle individually to different friends, or give the whole case. I added a little gift tag and attached it with a mini-clothes pin. 

coke-bottle-valentinesHave you started thinking about Valentine’s Day at all, or are you still detoxing from the Holiday season? 

soda-bottle-valentineI’ll see you next time, friends! Until then, come visit me at Like a Saturday! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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