How do you do?

Hello, and welcome to my humble [online] abode! I’m pretty pumped that you’re here.

I’m so excited to be starting this blog, and a little terrified at the same time! It can be kind of nerve-racking putting yourself out there. Let me start by telling you a little about myself and what you can look forward to seeing when you’re here.

My name is Rachel. I’m the oldest of 3 girls (and yes…we all shared ONE bathroom!), and I was am definitely the bossy big sis. My dad is an incredible artist, and while I didn’t inherit all of his talent, I was bitten by the creative bug at an early age. I was always eager to dive in and try any kind of creative project, whether it was something simple like a needle craft or a paint by number, or something a little more grandiose like planning a back yard carnival for the kids who lived on my block (Oh…and it was awesome. Who doesn’t want to pretend that the swing set is actually a really sweet carnie ride?). I remember one time seeing a huge pile of branches that my parents had just trimmed off of our live oak in the front yard. I immediately knew that I could make one awesome club house by sticking the branches side by side, vertically into the ground. Yeah…that one didn’t last too long. I resorted to “whittling” the sticks instead.


All 3 of us gals. I’m the shorty one on the left.

I’ve been married to my amazing husband, Tim, for almost three years. We bought our home as we were planning our wedding. When I think back on it now, I realize how crazy we were for trying to cram all of that in into 5 short months, but I’m so glad we did! I have loved having this home together and making it our own. You know how they say you will probably marry someone like your dad? It’s true! Tim is also a very talented artist and currently works as a graphic designer. He is super sweet and helps me with my lack of computer imaging skills and he tries really hard to understand my art direction. Not only that, but he puts up with my late night crafting inspirations and ever-growing list of  home updates. And he makes me laugh. And he’s cute. Total package, ladies!

This blog will not only be used to document our home updates, but I will also be sharing fun crafty projects that you can do yourself, and maybe a few tasty recipes here and there. If you don’t consider yourself super creative or crafty, don’t you worry! I somehow wiggle myself into shenanigans..often, so if nothing else, you can at least get a good laugh or two at my expense.

Again, I’m really excited that you’re here! Don’t be shy and please say hello! If you somehow stumbled upon this blog, or found it through a mutual friend, please introduce yourself. I look forward to getting to know you!

Have a really great day and stay tuned for some upcoming projects!