31 Days to a Stress-Free Holiday : Decor Inventory

Now that we’ve taken inventory of our gift wrapping supplies, we need to do the same thing with our Christmas decor.

Take a look at what you have put away in your attic or garage. If there is anything you know you will not use again (and isn’t some sort of family heirloom), get rid of it. There’s no need for those items to be taking up space.

Start formulating some plans for how you would like to decorate your home. Make a list of any items you will need to purchase to make your ideas come to life. You’ll want to get out and shop early for what you do still need, because it will go fast! Last year, I needed one more strand on white lights and I was totally out of luck. It was only the beginning of December and every store I went to was out of what I needed. Save yourself the frustration and get ahead of the game.

To save money, shop sales and shop thrift. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, this place is golden during Christmas. They always have something marked 50% off. Thrift stores are awesome places to find good Christmas decor. Christmas items only get used once a year, and some people do a different theme yearly and then donate their “old” items. You can always find good, gently used items to decorate with.


I just found this adorable, Victorian Christmas house at Goodwill for 49 cents. It has an opening to put a tea light inside. It will fit in perfectly with what I have planned this year.


I bought this whole group of vintage deer on Ebay for just a few bucks this summer. I’m so excited to get decorating!

What are your Christmas decor plans this year? Will you be sticking with the same look you’ve used in the past, or are you planning on switching it up a bit?