Easter for your Furry Friends

This post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I was compensated for participating in the Kroger #EasterBasketHop campaign.

Hello. My name is Rachel and I am one of those dog owners. Our dog is our baby and we treat her as such.

Meet Macy Jane. The most spoiled pup in town. {I mean really….could you say “no” to those eyes?}

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHopMy holiday lovin’ heart can’t bear to leave this girl out of the festivities. Macy brings smiles to the neighborhood kids every year by donning the traditional hot dog costume, and I repay her for her embarrassment in the form of a Christmas stocking and an Easter basket {And lots of treats and snuggles every other day of the year. See? Spoiled.}. 

To be fair, it’s really all for me. I don’t think she knows Christmas from Tuesday, but it’s a fun and festive way to restock her toys and treats. It’s a win/win, really. 

macy 1I stopped by Kroger on my way home from work one day last week to pick up a few essentials, and I totally got caught up in the pastel goodness of the Easter aisle. Good ol’ Kroger. I was able to get every single item I needed for Macy’s Easter basket! {and maybe a couple chocolatey items for myself. ahem.}

I picked up a basket, tissue paper, mini rawhide chews, a new toy, Easter themed cookie cutters to make homemade treats, and the ingredients for those treats. And gold eggs. Because GOLD. 

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHop I used the tissue paper as filler instead of typical Easter grass. It’s a lot less messy and I don’t have to worry about the pup getting into it.

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHop I put a little extra tissue in the balk half of the basket to add a bit of height; and then layered all of the goodies in the basket. 

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHopI made the Easter Bunny shaped biscuits with this recipe {the peanut butter pumpkin one}. I’ve always wanted to try homemade dog treats and it was even easier than I anticipated! 

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHop

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHopI think she likes it! Don’t let her stoic expression fool you. ;)

Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHopHow do you plan on spoiling your furry {or non-furry!} family members this Easter? Visit the Kroger Easter DIY Pinterest Board for more ideas!





Don't forget your furry family members! Easter Basket idea for your pup #EasterBasketHop

10 Treats and Fun for St. Paddy’s Day

 Happy new week! Is anyone else already counting down the hours until you can crawl into bed again? I’m definitely excited to have some extra daylight but ohmygosh I need my hour of sleep back! St. Patrick’s Day is a week from today, which is one of my favorite days. I always look forward to celebrating my Irish heritage! If you’ve ever wondered who St. Patrick is or how he came to have his own day, you can read more about the history of St. Paddy’s day here. Some of the details may surprise you {like, how he wasn’t even born Irish}. 


Round up of 10 fun treats, activities, and decor to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

To  get in the celebratory mood, I rounded up 10 fantastic ideas for St. Paddy’s day : treats, activities for the kiddos, and some decor. All things green, gold and festive! :)

 1) St. Patrick’s Day Muddy Buddies {with free printable}


2) Rainbow Cupcakes



3) Simple St. Patrick’s Day Banner


4) St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Kids

Shamrock Craft for Kids (2)


5) A Lucky Breakfast



6) Brown Butter Lucky Charms Cereal Bars



7) St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Print



8) Lucky Me Gilded St. Patrick’s Day Art


9) Irish Blessing Printables

Irish Blessing Printables for St. Patrick's Day with

10) Shamrock Shake Recipe



You can also check out my St. Paddy’s day inspired Pinterest board here if you’re looking for more inspiration. And if you need even MORE green in your life, don’t forget to enter our Green for Spring giveaway here!




Almond Vanilla Homemade Marshmallows

Hi there! I have a fun recipe for you today! Except that it’s more like a science experiment than a recipe. {But don’t worry, you can still eat it!}. 

Over Christmas I decided to try making homemade marshmallows. I’ve been admiring them for several years now, but was always too afraid to try. It’s proof that fear gets you nowhere. Overcoming your fears gets you delicious, fluffy marshmallows. Long story short, it took me two tries to get a good batch of marshmallows. I followed a recipe the first time, but they turned out more like jelly candies. I tweaked the recipe a bit for my second attempt and I ended up with a batch of fluffy goodness. 

Homemade Marshmallows - so much easier to make than I thought!

You too can have your very own delicious marshmallows! It’s actually really easy! You’ll need to be sure to have a candy thermometer and a stand mixer. A hand mixer will not do the job here. Don’t see the words “candy thermometer” and run away. I promise it’s easy! :)

Homemade Marshmallows - Almond Vanilla Flavored


Homemade Marshmallows - Almond Vanilla Flavored


Almond Vanilla Homemade Marshmallows
  1. Crisco/Butter
  2. Powdered Sugar
  3. 3 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
  4. 1 c ice cold water
  5. 1 1/2 c white sugar
  6. 1 c light corn syrup
  7. 1/2 tsp salt
  8. 1 tsp vanilla
  9. 1 tsp almond flavoring
  10. food coloring {optional}
  1. 1) Grease your pan with either Crisco or butter. I used two 9 x 9 disposable pans. After your pan is well greased, put in a few scoops of powdered sugar and shake around until the pan is well coated.
  2. 2) Put the 3 packets of gelatin and half of the water in the mixing bowl for the stand mixer. Set aside.
  3. 3) Mix the sugar, corn syrup, salt, and remaining water in a sauce pan. Heat over medium high. Place the candy thermometer on the side of the sauce pan and cook until the temperature reaches 240 degrees. This will take about 10 minutes. Make sure you reach the correct temp! When you do, remove the syrup mixture from the heat.
  4. 4) Turn the stand mixer on low and slowly add the syrup to the gelatin mixture. Turn the speed up to the highest setting and allow it to whip the mix for about 12-15 minutes. At this point it should look like marshmallow fluff. Add the flavorings and whip for an additional minute.
  5. 5) Pour the mixture into your greased and powdered pans. Spread evenly with a greased butter knife. If you want to add any swirls of color add a few drops of food coloring here and there. Spread the color throughout the mix with your knife.
  6. 6) Coat the top of the mixture in the pan with powdered sugar. Allow to sit over night.
  7. 7) The next morning you can remove the marshmallow from the pan. Grease a pizza cutter and cut the marshmallow into squares. You could also use a cookie cutter to get your desired shape. {I did hearts for Valentine's Day}. Coat each cut side in powdered sugar.
  8. 8) Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks.
Like a Saturday

Homemade Marshmallows - Almond Vanilla FlavoredThese are not anywhere near healthy. They’re basically pure sugar…but they are delicious and a special treat! I love mine in my coffee, but they’re also great in hot chocolate or just eat them up without a drink. You could even dip them in melted chocolate or make s’mores. {yum!}.

Homemade Marshmallows - Almond Vanilla FlavoredAre there any recipes or projects you’ve wanted to try but have been too afraid to? I dare you to try them! You just might surprise yourself. :)