Paint Dipped Succulent Planter

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As much as I love plants, I struggle to keep them alive for too long. I’ve been on a trek to find the hardest plants to kill. Succulents definitely fall into that category, and they’re just plain adorable, so I incorporate them often in my decor and gardening.

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

I’m also a fan of the “paint dipped” look, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate that with my love for succulents and create a cute planter for the summer. To create a similar look, you will need:

  • a wooden or bamboo bowl {I love to pick up wooden bowls from thrift stores, but you could also use a salad bowl or a wooden pillar candle holder}
  • painter’s tape
  • craft paint or spray paint in the color of your choice
  • foam brush {unless you’re using spray paint}
  • sandpaper
  • gravel
  • the cutest succulents/cacti you can find
  • embellishments {marbles, river rock, miniatures, etc.}

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

 To begin, you will need to tape off a straight line where you want the paint to end on the bowl. You’ll notice that I ended up using masking tape, because the painter’s tape I had on hand was too thick for the look I was trying to achieve. Make sure the tape is secured well and is flat to avoid any bleed through. 

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

 Next, you will need to lightly sand the portion of the bowl that you plan on painting. This doesn’t have to be a major sanding job. You just need to scuff it up enough for the paint to adhere well.

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

After you have taped and sanded the bowl. you are ready to paint! I chose to use a craft paint and foam brush. Paint away from the tape to avoid bleeding. It took me 3 coats of paint to get full coverage {the photo above is after the first coat}.

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

Once the paint is dry you can carefully peel off the tape. Take a good look at your handiwork and take care of any needed touch ups. You can spray the outside of the bowl with a clear coat if you’d like to help your paint last longer. 

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and start planting! :)

You will need to lay a thin layer of gravel. Succulents do not need very much water at all, so important drainage is crucial. Otherwise, you may be dealing with rotting roots. Depending on the depth of your bowl. you may not need any additional soil aside from what the succulents were originally potted with. 

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

Now you get to enjoy arranging your cuties in your new planter! Have fun with this! There are no wrong answers. They are like miniature, living sculptures. Succulents and cacti are so much fun to work with! 

Paint Dipped Succulent Planter -- Like a Saturday for All Things Thrifty

The last and final {and most optional} step is to add embellishments to your arrangement. I added a handful of sea glass-like marbles as well as some extra gravel here in there. This adds both texture and a little extra pop of color to my arrangement.  I have also had fun adding quirky miniatures to my planters, like tiny red and white mushrooms or mini yard gnomes. :) 

What are your favorite plants for indoors?

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State of the Blog Address

Hi y’all! I’m still here! :)

I decided to take an impromptu break from blogging over the last couple of weeks, and I’m so glad that I did! It was exactly what I needed to slow down, recharge, and reexamine a few things. Frankly, I was feeling very burnt out with this whole blogging thing. I had lost that spark I had in the beginning and it was becoming more of an added stress than a fun outlet for me. I just wasn’t feeling creative at all. There were days where I considered hanging up my blog hat and moving onto something new {spoiler alert : I’m not}. 

We are in the midst of a major life transition as we prepare to grow our family through adoption. We are living in limbo now as we have finished with all of the required paperwork, etc. and are just waiting for “the call”. This “in between space” felt like the perfect time to take a step back and reevaluate some things in my life; specifically blogging and my presence on these here interwebs. ;) So, I thought I’d take a moment to fill you in on what I’m feeling, what I learned during this time, and what you can expect around here going forward — a sort of “State of the Blog Address”. 

Like a Saturday - State of the Blog Address 2015

What I Learned

I realized how much I crave and need margin. I cannot keep running from one thing to the next. As an introvert, I have a need for quiet moments in my life; empty blocks on my schedule. I don’t want to live my life as an empty, exhausted person.  Not only do I need quiet moments in my life; sometimes I just need to BE quiet. There is so much noise on the internet, especially with the rise and growth social media, and I don’t need to always be adding to that. I only want to put out good content that will make someone smile or bring encouragement. That means, quality over quantity. 

During this time, I learned that I really do love blogging. I started this blog as a creative outlet after a dry year for me {creatively}. Having this space was a breath of fresh air for me. It brought me so much joy to have a place to go share what I was working on and an avenue to make new friends. 

Like a Saturday - State of the Blog Address 2015

I didn’t go into this trying to be the biggest blogger out there, or trying to replace my normal income. Over time, I started feeling the pressure to do it all… every social media outlet, the link parties, swaps, contributing roles, partnerships. While all of those things are great, I can’t do every single one of them at 100%. This blog, while a great thing that I love, is not my number one priority. I have a full time job that I love, I have a family and friends that need my time. So, the blog has to get put into the right spot on my list of priorities. It’s getting bumped to where it is life giving again, and not life sucking. 

What to Expect

I’m taking what I learned about myself and this blog during me weeks of quiet, and I’m putting it into practice. In an attempt to simplify my life and to be more responsible about my own online noise, I’ll be taking more of a “slow blogging” approach. I’m going to be getting back to the basics of what it was in the “good ol’ days”. I want to provide quality content more than I want to throw something out there every day, so you can usually expect 2 posts a week from me.

Like a Saturday - State of the Blog Address 2015

You’ll continue to see home and craft projects, the occasional recipe, and who knows… you may even get a few more personal posts here and there. I don’t anticipate this turning into a “Mommy blog” {because I praise God every day the internet and social media as we know it didn’t exist when I was a kid…and I want my kids to get at least a sliver of that life}…but I can only assume there will be some kid related things sneaking in here and there. You’ll only see projects that I would do blogging or not. I’m not into coming up with a project just to have something to write about. That doesn’t do anything for anyone, and I just end up with more clutter in my house. 

I’ll still be on the same social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram…but I’m not going to let it take up too much of my time. I’m tired of fighting the ever changing Facebook algorithms, so I just won’t. :) I’ll post a link for new posts and let the FB gods do what they please with it. ;) I do love Instagram, so that is probably where you find me most often. You’ll find bits of my daily life, sneak peeks, and anything cute or funny I find along the way. 

Like a Saturday - State of the Blog Address 2015

As I mentioned before, I’m not trying to make a career out of this blogging biz, but it does cost money to keep the site running. I’ll continue to run sidebar ads and do the occasional sponsored posts to offset any costs. The extra income has been a blessing, especially as we have been raising funds for our adoption. I only work with brands that I myself am interested in. If I don’t 100% love it, you won’t see it on this blog {because, who has time for that?}. 

In the spirit of less noise, I should end things here before I pass the 1,000 word mark….but I do want to say that I am thankful for each and every one of you! I still can’t believe how many people stop by and read every day. It blows my mind! I’ve met so many amazing people through the online community, and I am so grateful for that. Please don’t be shy and say “hello”! :)

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I had planned on sharing part one of a full Christmas Home Tour with you all yesterday, but unfortunately the weather hasn’t cooperated with me. We’ve had a lot of grey and gloomy days around here, which does not make for prime picture taking.

Christmas Decor | JOYful Front Porch

Christmas Decor | Christmas Home TourI was getting really frustrated that I couldn’t get any good pictures in our house {that was nearly pitch black}….and so I stopped myself. This whole blog gig is supposed to be fun {a lot of work, but fun} and the Holidays can already be stressful enough. I just didn’t see the need to allow self-imposed stress. 

Christmas Decor | Vintage Ornaments in hand carved bowl from Kenya

Christmas Decor | Turquoise Christmas ornaments in antique dough bowlSo, I’m giving myself some grace. I’m sharing a few of my favorite shots that I have captured this season. A little bit of stress-free prettiness. And then I’m going to mostly-sign off until after Christmas. 

Christmas Decor | Vintage inspired bottle brush trees lined on the mantel

Christmas Decor | Coffee Bar with vintage thermoses and Santa mug

Christmas Decor | Winter scene under cloche

Christmas Decor | Kitchen window vignetteI hope you’ll give yourself some grace, too. Don’t kill yourself trying to make sure every last detail is perfect this Christmas. Take some time to slow down, relax, and soak in the season. Make memories instead of unattainable expectations. 

Christmas Decor | Vintage thermos Christmas table centerpiece

Christmas Decor | Vintage Christmas tableEnjoy the time you’re able to spend with your loved ones. And don’t forget to take a moment or two out by yourself, too. Even the most extroverted of extroverts needs a little time to herself. There is something to be said for margins, and something sacred about time alone. Embrace the quiet and the crazy. 

Christmas Decor | Color blocked Christmas tree

Christmas Decor | Winter vignette with Lindsay Letters "Oh Holy Night" printWhatever you do, and however you celebrate this season….let it include grace….

Christmas Schnauzer…because Grace is the entire reason we have Christmas in the first place. 

How are you giving yourself grace this Christmas?

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