Happy Thanksgiving and an Announcement!

Just when I’m starting to get back to normal-ish with blogging, I’m going to be ducking out for two days. ;) Having to put blogging on the back burner while we completed our adoption requirements has helped me realize a few things. Mainly, this blog can’t and won’t be my number one priority. However, blogging does bring me joy and a creative outlet…so it will remain a part of my life. I’ve had a lot of thoughts floating around in my head about it all, especially with a lot of changes I’ve seen in the blogging world, and maybe I’ll get those thoughts out of my head and into words someday. But that’s not what I’m here for today. :)

Thanksgiving Mantel

I wanted to pop in and wish all of you {all of my fellow U.S. folks, anyway} a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have time to rest, relax and enjoy your loved ones. I don’t think we do any of those things enough! I am so thankful for where we are today in comparison to one year ago. 2013 was by far the most difficult year of our lives. Riddled with job loss, too many hospital visits, cancer and death. There were big changes in our life, but God made bigger changes in our hearts. I’m so looking forward to celebrating what God has done for us and in us since last Thanksgiving! I hope you have a lot of be grateful for this year, too. 

Now that I have space in my brain for things other than filling out paper work and home studies, I am getting so excited for Christmas and all that entails! I usually wait until the day after Christmas to start decorating, but since I’m not hosting this year…..it’s basically a free-for-all and I’m breaking my own rule. :) 

Speaking of all things Christmas…. I’m excited to announce another fun Christmas blog tour! Last year, you got to take a peek into several bloggers homes decorated for Christmas. This year, I wanted to take a closer look. I wanted to see how my blog friends celebrate the season with their families. So, this year I’m hosting a Christmas Traditions Blog Tour! You’ll get to see and hear about over 25 bloggers favorite Christmas traditions. It will be an interesting your, and you might even find some fun traditions to start with your own family. The tour kicks off next Monday and lasts all week. You won’t want to miss it! 

Christmas Traditions Blog Tour

Each day of the tour, I’ll be posting the line up as well as updating this page daily with links to each stop of the tour. 

Thank you all for reading this little blog of mine. I am grateful for you! :)

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Home Tour – Hall Bath {and Plans}

The home tour continues! Today I’m showing you a room that I’ve never blogged about before – our second bathroom. It’s mainly gone unseen because we haven’t done much since slapping some paint on the wall shortly after moving in. Aside from that, it is by far the hardest room in the house to photograph. The bathroom is long, narrow, window-less and green. So, consider that a disclaimer for what is to come in the photography department. ;) 

Home Tour - Hall Bath {and Plans}


Like the rest of the house, this room was a blank slate when we moved in. Everything was original from the orangey oak cabinets to the linoleum floors. Oh yes, and a lovely wooden toilet seat. 



We’ve painted the walls twice now. Our first green {Sassy Green by SW} was a big ol’ mistake. It looked like Shrek exploded on our walls. It was just much too yellow for such a small space under yellow lighting.

SW Leapfrog


We repainted it with Leapfrog, also by Sherwin Williams, that has more blue undertones an is a bit grayer. {Although, these photos make it look much brighter than it is in person}. 

Home Tour - Hall Bath {and Plans}

Home Tour - Hall Bath {and Plans}

I recently added an extra-long white, waffle weave shower curtain and it has made this small room feel so much bigger and brighter. I love using white linens and bath mats since they’re easy to keep looking clean and new with the help of bleach. 

We have also replaced the 20+ year old linoleum with tile. It’s the same greige tile in the master bath

Home Tour - Hall Bath {and Plans}


Home Tour - Hall Bath {and Plans}

On the to-do list for this room is updating the light fixture and adding a frame to the builder grade mirror. The major to-do will be updating the cabinets. I’m still debating about whether I’d like to stain them darker or paint them. What would you do? Either way, the orange oak has gotta go! 

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Home Tour – Master Bath

This home tour is starting to make a little more sense. ;) Yesterday, I showed you our peaceful master bedroom so today….we’re on to the master bath! This room’s makeover was a labor of love. A year long labor of love. Yes, we are slow moving on projects but we absolutely love what this space evolved into! 

master bath title

Again, when we bought this house, everything was still original. No paint, old floors, etc.


When we started painting and decorating the house, this room was a bit of an afterthought as we slapped up some gold leftover paint on the walls. 


bathroom before


Not to mention, we were dealing with carpet in the bathroom {!!!} and a little strip of vinyl. No thank you. 

master bath 4

The walls are now a subtle grey {Fleur de Sel by Sherwin Williams}, the orangey oak cabinets are now a dark navy blue/charcoal grey {Mt. Etna by Sherwin Williams}. the old fixtures have been changed, and we have a lovely greige tile. 

master bath 9

master bath


master bath 8

master bath 6


master bath 1



You can find more posts about our bathroom makeover here:

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