Thrifty Finds Extravaganza 2 : Home Decorating Staples

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got a few more great, thrifty vintage finds for you today! These are some of my favorites, as they are great decorating staples to have around the home. There are so many different ways to incorporate them into your home decor.

I snagged this beautiful, vintage printers tray for only $5 one Saturday morning while garage sale hopping. These usually go for somewhere between $40-50, so I was thrilled about my deal! These trays can be purely decorative or functional. There are about a million and one ideas floating around the interwebs for these.

I love incorporating pieces like this that have great texture and a story to tell. They can really warm up a space and add character.

Globes and maps are another great way to bring texture and character into your space. They come in so many colors and styles, they can look awesome in any room.

I found this globe at a small flea market in Austin. I bought this plus a vintage scarf and a couple of milkglass bud vases all for $15.

Flea markets are fantastic places to find deals on vintage and statement pieces for you home. You can usually bargain with the sellers, and if you go at the end to the day you might score and even better deal! Many times, sellers don’t want to lug all of their stuff back home, so they’ll be more willing to part with some items for less money. At this same flea market, my sister got a hot pink vintage pyrex dish for practically nothing, because the seller hated hauling them back and forth.

Vintage books are one of the best, cheapest items to pick up at thrift stores or garage sales. They also bring in some great color and texture, and come in handy for adding height, etc.

I bought this book [Lord Hornblower] for $1.39 at Goodwill. I decided to do a publication date/Google check to see what kind of deal I scored. I found out that this book is actually a first edition, and is being sold online for $40.

Y’all have a great weekend and happy thrifting!

Yellow Side Table Makeover

Once upon a time, when I was in college, my parents were going downtown for a New Year’s Eve party and for some reason welcomed us to have a party of our own at the house. It was a “WILD party” complete with a garbage bag balloon drop and a few rounds of Catchphrase. I know. We’re just that wild and crazy.

My best friend in the whole wide world, who weighs all of 100 pounds, went to join her [now] husband and his brother to sit on the coffee table. Apparently, her little body was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the whole thing collapsed. I had to call my mom the next morning to tell her about our hard-partying ways. She was secretly excited. She hated that table.

That story really has nothing to do with what I’m sharing with you all today, except that the coffee table’s relatives survived and were later given to me to do whatever I please with. And picturing that table completely fall apart still makes me laugh.

My baby sister [Katy] and I decided to give one of the tables a fun, bright makeover that would pop in her new cute room in her new cute apartment.

To start things off, we gave it a good sanding before  giving it a zap of sunshiney yellow. The color is called “Mellow Yellow” by Behr [in semigloss]. But there is really nothing mellow about it. I’m a lazy DIYer, and didn’t prime beforehand. Laziness = many, many coats of yellow paint. Lesson learned. Maybe.

My favorite part of the table is this inside of the drawer. We painted it with some leftover blue paint I had from another project that matches her desk [which has very similar lines to the side table]. I love unexpected details like this! They can make a great project even better.

Even ugly, beat up, unwanted little tables can be something beautiful with a little bit of love. And a LOT of yellow paint! :)

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Kitchen Dreamin’

Wow! Where did this  last week go? It was a whirlwind of a week. We’ve celebrated my amazing mom’s birthday, worked on getting my baby sister ready to move to Austin, increased our schnauzer count from 1 to 3 while my parents got her settled in, and did some shopping and planning for some new projects around the house.

Our home is 20 years old, and until we bought it 3 years ago, had only one owner and not a single painted wall. I’m talking blank, white, original builder grade everything. BORING. The previous owner had taken pretty good care of everything, but our house needed some serious updating….and color!

We’ve done a lot of small updates here and there, like painting the walls, but we’ve been saving up to do some larger updates. Pretty soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the old carpet, vinyl flooring and manila laminate counter tops! Woohoo!

Our plan is to start in the kitchen by painting the oak cabinets an antique white. They’re great cabinets, but I’m growing a little tired of the color. I love me some white kitchens, and it will really brighten and soften things up in our small, galley kitchen.

We’ll be ditching the cream-colored laminate counter tops and back splash and bringing in stained, butcher block counters from Ikea….

…and a bead board backsplash.

I think I will paint the bead board the same color as the cabinets (especially since we already have two different wall colors ), but this is a really pretty take on a bead board backsplash.

Also…try saying bead board backsplash five times fast. Good-ness that is a mouth full.

To keep with the theme of farmy and fresh….BEHOLD: the beautiful farmhouse style DOMSJÖ sink from Ikea.

Can I tell you how excited I am about the prospect of not looking like a slob after putting two plates in my sink that is about an inch deep [not really….but go with me here]? And it’s gorgeous. Be still, my heart.

What projects [big or small] are you dreaming up for your home?

Another side bar….have y’all noticed that Better Homes and Gardens always features the most gorgeous kitchens? I have photos that I’ve ripped out of the magazine plastered all over my fridge right now.

Enjoy the eye candy and have a fantastic Monday!