Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}

Hi y’all! It’s been, um…a while. Blogging has mostly been put on the back burner these days. Not because there isn’t anything to share, but because I’d rather be playing with my sweet baby girl {who is keeping me busy these days by being all.over.the.place.}, and when I do have down time…sleep is just really awesome. #momlife.

#SWAP4 Logo FINALI was super excited for another round of Swap it Like it’s Hot because 1)It is so much fun and 2) an actual deadline means something went onto my to-do list…so blogging is actually happening! Which is great, because I do love and miss it a little bit. We got our “surprise baby call” during the last round of Swap {7 months ago!}, so I feel like I’ve come full circle. :)

swap itemsEmily from Two Purple Couches sent me this assortment of thrifted finds. I was stumped with what to do for most of it, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the white and cream trim and lace as soon as I laid eyes on it! I had a beautiful, textured wreath in my mind that would be perfect for this fall. 

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}I grabbed the other items needed to make this happen from the craft store : a straw wreath form, burlap ribbon, and some fabric flower embellishments that coordinate perfectly with the lace and trim. This wreath was fairly simply to make and I was able to complete it during one very sad Texas football game {get a grip, Longhorns!}. 

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}To begin, I secured one end of the ribbon to the wreath form {still wrapped in plastic — don’t remove that or you’ll have a straw mess all over your house} with straight pins. I continued to wrap the entire spool of ribbon around the wreath form until it was completely covered. i discreetly secured the end with more straight pins. 

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}Once the wreath was fully wrapped in ribbon, it was time to start layering the lace and trim. I started with the bottom layer and worked my way up. I attached each piece with just a little bit of hot glue. To achieve a ruffled look, I pleated the lace as I attached it to the wreath. 

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}After a few layers of lace and eyelet, I capped it off with a bit of the textured trim and 3 fabric flowers. 

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}I used a bit of the leftover lace and eyelet to hang the wreath on the front door. The warm textures look awesome with our other fall front porch decor. I’ll have to come back next week and show you how we’ve fall-ified the house this season! 

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}

Textured Wreath for Fall {#swapitlikeitshot}


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Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}

Ok – this is take 2 of this post {as those of you who subscribe may have noticed}. I started a draft while baby girl was napping, but didn’t get very far before she woke up. I came back to save what little I had written and Lucy girl decided it was good enough and hit publish. ha! ;) 

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Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}I have another nursery project for you today! Now, this one is not earth shattering or new…but I love it! As a former preschool teacher, I’m a little bit obsessed with children’s books and instilling the love of reading in our kids. Studies show that having books in the home is directly linked to academic achievement. I use all of those statistics as my excuse for endless amounts of books. 

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}Now, if you’re going to create your own little Einstein by having all of the books, you have to find some creative ways to store them and have them easily accessible. We have a cube bookcase that holds a majority of the books and toys, but why not have some of those beautiful books double as wall art? 

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}When I started dreaming up ideas for decorating a nursery, I was always drawn to the look of book ledges. Children’s book covers are bright, beautiful and meant to be seen. I love the idea of having them on display not only to look pretty, but as a visual reminder to enjoy a good book. 

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}I bought 5 of the Ikea Ribba shelves in white. They are just under 22 inches, which  the perfect size for the space we have. They are really easy to install, you just need to measure carefully so that the spacing is right and the edges are even. The ledges should be screwed directly into the studs or supported by wall anchors to be sure that they are secure. 

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}I used the higher shelves to hold special books that we want to keep safe from being damaged. The lower shelves are great for books that you want your little ones to be able to easily grab. 

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}

Ikea Book Ledges {and some of our favorite books}I love it, and I have to say that Lucy seems to love it as well! There has been lots of smiling and reaching towards her favorite books. :) 

There are so many children’s books out there, it’s hard to know which ones are great! Here are some of our favorites for toddlers and preschoolers:

Baby Lit Books {We have several Little Miss Austen books *cough cough, early brainwashing*, The Jungle Book, and The Secret Garden. These are great board book primers, plus the illustrations are lovely!}.

Sandra Boynton Books {We especially love Doggies}

Eric Carl (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?

Anything Dr. Seuss

The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Beginner’s Bible

Skippy Jon Jones

Maisy Books

Llama Llama Red Pajamas

Pete the Cat

What are some of your favorite children’s books? 

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Baby Name Hoop

Hi y’all! I am this close to finishing the nursery! I have a couple of small projects to wrap up and then I’m calling it done! This has been my favorite room makeover of all time. It has been so much fun to put thought and care into creating a special space for my girl. I have especially loved creating personal touches along the way; i.e. putting her name on ever-y-thing {hello, monogram!}. 

I created a piece of personalized hoop art for her room. This is great for any kid’s room and can easily be customized for a boy or girl, or to match the room decor. 

Baby Name HoopTo make you own name hoop art, you’ll need an oversized embroidery hoop {I used a 14″ hoop}, fabric, felt and embroidery floss in a variety of colors, scissors and a hot glue gun. 

Baby Name HoopBefore you get started, iron your fabric to get rid of any wrinkles. Once the fabric is looking good and wrinkle-free, pull it tightly on the embroidery hoop.

Baby Name Hoop

I printed off and cut out letters in the size I needed to serve as a template. I pinned the template to a piece of felt and cut out the letters. 

Baby Name Hoop

Once I had my letters cut out, I eyeballed the placement on the fabric. I used a couple dabs of hot glue on each letter to secure them onto the hoop. 

Baby Name Hoop

The next step is stitching on the name. If you have glued the letters on, this is really more for looks than anything else. I just used a simple running stitch along the edges. If you want to try something a bit fancier, there are a ton of stitch tutorials online. It doesn’t have to be perfect! In fact, the imperfect-ness adds to the charm. 

Baby Name HoopWhen you have completed stitching on the name, it’s time to have some fun with felt embellishments! I chose to add rolled felt flowers. You could cut any variety of felt shapes to add; like kites, balloons, or animals. I attached the flowers and leaves with hot glue. 

Baby Name HoopAll that’s left to do is trimming the fabric, folding it over and gluing it to the back side of the hoop. I added a ribbon to the top of the hoop to hang on a hook on the door. 

Baby Name HoopYou could hang it alone or in a grouping for a gallery wall. It is a special custom piece for any child’s room! You could also do you last name or initial and use it as a wreath on your front door. So many possibilities! 

Baby Name Hoop

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