Christmas decorating

January in a Nutshell

I cannot believe January is already coming to a close. This month has been on big fat blur to me.

I started the month by cleaning up and organizing the Christmas explosion.

Like a Saturday : How I Put Away Christmas {Without Losing My Mind}

We bought a new TV and media cabinet, and I should you how I hide the wires.

TV stand after

Keeping with the spirit of organizing little things that get in the way, I showed you how to corral those reward cards.

rewards cards title

I started chiseling away at my 2013 To-do list by rescuing this chair for my office space.

Like a Saturday : Office Chair Rescue

I made the easiest, cheapest Valentine garland….EVER.

Like a Saturday : Easy Valentine Garland

I finally replaced the iron work above the kitchen window with some woodland creature plates.

creature plates 7

And last, but not least! I presented you with the longest blog post of all time, and took you on a tour of all of the “house fluffing” I’ve been doing since the new year.

Like a Saturday : House Fluffing

It’s been a busy month! Now, on to February !  :)


2012 Christmas Home Tour

Happy Tuesday to you all! I hope you’re getting merry and jolly and having a cup of cheer. Can you believe there is only a week until Christmas? How in the world did that happen??  Remember when you were young, how it used to feel like for-ev-er until Christmas would arrive? Now, you blink your eyes and it is gone. {Am I getting old?}. This is the time where I feel like I have to try to squeeze in every bit of Christmas that I can before it is all over. I’m also trying to be realistic and just enjoy the season and enjoy my family and friends.

I thought I would create a post to serve as grand central station for all things Like a Saturday Christmas home – a sort of home tour. There may be a few more things that pop up here, unless {of course} I get totally swept up into the joys of the season and don’t get around to it. That’s definitely a possibility too. I’m trying to give myself a little extra grace about what does and doesn’t get finished in a 24 hour period {trying is the key word there!}. If only I could clone myself a la Steve Urkle and Stephan. Her name would be Rachelle, and instead of being a cooler version of myself, she would do all of the dirty work while I played, and decorated, and crafted, and sipped coffee all day…..but I digress.

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying yourself this Christmas season and getting in lots of joy and family. I know we’re all battling heavy hearts due to last week’s events, and it sometimes feels harder to celebrate. I think it gives us extra reason to celebrate that our Savior humbled himself to come as a child, born in a barn… that he could one day return and save us from all of this evil . O come, o come Emmanuel!

{You can click on the photos below to take you to each post. Enjoy!}

living room title




kitchen title

Hot Cocoa Station




bedroom title


office title

DIY Christmas Tree Cones