DIY Necklace Hanger Tutorial

Good morning, everyone! I’m back today with a fun tutorial for one of the items I made for my sisters new college bedroom. Her necklace hanger is actually a smaller version of the coat/purse/catch-all hanger I made earlier this year for our entry way at home.

I was inspired by all of the different pallet projects I was seeing all across Pinterest and other blogs. I love the worn, rustic look you can get by using pallet wood. So, I brought one home and um… one really tells you this…but you basically have to be Superman to get those puppies apart. I also started reading a few things here and there about how some pallets are treated with chemicals that you may not want in your home. That topic is still up for debate a little bit in some circles, but I decided I’d rather not risk bringing more chemicals into my home and I’d leave the pallet for an outdoor project. And I’m not Superman, so I gave up trying to pull it apart.

It all worked out fine, because it’s actually really quick and easy to get that worn, rustic pallet look on brand new wood. All you need to purchase to complete this project are a good board, stain, and drawer pulls.

For this particular project, we found a 2 foot board at Home Depot for about $2. I already had the stain on hand (Minwax Dark Walnut). With the drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby, this project came in at about $10. Not bad!

To start, sand over the edges of the board to make it look worn. If you look at an older piece of wood, you’ll notice that the edges are more rounded than you would find a brand spankin’ new piece of wood.

After you sand, beat it up! You can bang it with a hammer, use screws, scrape it….whatever you want to do to make it look like it’s seen a few things in its life. Just be careful!

Next, lay out the knobs and measure out where you would like them to go.

Mark your spots and you’re ready to drill those holes.

Give it a coat or two of stain and allow to dry. Once the stain is dry, you can start randomly dry brushing paint onto the board. I used white and a grey blue.

Lightly sand over the paint once it is dry.

Once stain and paint are dry, you are ready to screw in the drawer pulls. I used my Dremel rotary tool, as you can see in my crappy iPhone photo, to cut off the excess screw so the hanger is able to mount on the wall.

And that’s it! Another cheap and easy DIY project. It’s a great way to not only keep your jewelry organized and untangled, but a fun way to also display your pretty things.

I hope you are all having a great week so far!

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Get the Look for Less: Lamp Edition

If I had a secret box of cash buried in my backyard (I don’t. Please don’t come dig up the backyard.), I could probably go crazy at Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel to outfit our home with all of the current looks and trends. Not probably. I totally would. The reality is, we’re making our house a home on a budget. On a little newlywed, Goodwill and spray paint budget. While there are some key items in your home that you should put more of your money towards (the ol’ “you get what you paid for” adage), there are other items that you can find in a much more economical way.

Exhibit A:

1) I spotted this GORGEOUS embroidered lamp shade from Anthropologie on Pinterest, and then continued to die a little bit inside when I saw the price tag ($128). Oh, Anthro. Me being in love with you is kinda like when I was in love with Johnny Depp in his early pirate days. Except I never chose to settle with this Johnny knock-off I found walking the streets of Hollywood.

2) I found this shade, with the same basic idea, from Pottery Barn. At $69-89, it’s still pricey (in my opinion), but it’s a little more budget friendly.

3) This shade comes from Ikea ($14.99-19.99). It has more differences from the “inspiration shade” than the one from Pottery Barn, but it is successful in giving you a more unique vibe than your run of the mill white shade. With the right lamp base, it could be a great way to add color and character.

1) I love this lamp from West Elm. It’s just so lovely, and can fit in with any decor style. I just can’t bring myself to spend $150 on a lamp right now, no matter how beautiful it is. I think my husband will be so happy to read this. :)

2) If you’re going for the clear glass look, Target currently has a great option for $39.99 — and if you stalk their stuff until it goes on clearance like I do, you could score an even better deal. You could definitely take advantage of the open base at the bottom to add extra character. It has a little cloche jar vibe to it.

3) This lamp! Aaron at The Thrifty Abode earned major points in my book with her DIY West Elm lamp knock off that came in at only $18. Not only could you have a great lamp without completely emptying your pockets by DIYing…but you get that great sense of accomplishment and pride that YOU made something beautiful. Does anyone else get a crazy high off of the things you make yourself? Or is that just me?

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m sure you could totally DIY the embroidered shade look as well. Hmm…I might have just added a project to my ever-growing list.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t seem like you can afford the look that you want! You totally can! You just have to put a little more elbow grease into your search or creation, but it’s that much more rewarding.

Have a great day, y’all!

Yellow Side Table Makeover

Once upon a time, when I was in college, my parents were going downtown for a New Year’s Eve party and for some reason welcomed us to have a party of our own at the house. It was a “WILD party” complete with a garbage bag balloon drop and a few rounds of Catchphrase. I know. We’re just that wild and crazy.

My best friend in the whole wide world, who weighs all of 100 pounds, went to join her [now] husband and his brother to sit on the coffee table. Apparently, her little body was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the whole thing collapsed. I had to call my mom the next morning to tell her about our hard-partying ways. She was secretly excited. She hated that table.

That story really has nothing to do with what I’m sharing with you all today, except that the coffee table’s relatives survived and were later given to me to do whatever I please with. And picturing that table completely fall apart still makes me laugh.

My baby sister [Katy] and I decided to give one of the tables a fun, bright makeover that would pop in her new cute room in her new cute apartment.

To start things off, we gave it a good sanding before  giving it a zap of sunshiney yellow. The color is called “Mellow Yellow” by Behr [in semigloss]. But there is really nothing mellow about it. I’m a lazy DIYer, and didn’t prime beforehand. Laziness = many, many coats of yellow paint. Lesson learned. Maybe.

My favorite part of the table is this inside of the drawer. We painted it with some leftover blue paint I had from another project that matches her desk [which has very similar lines to the side table]. I love unexpected details like this! They can make a great project even better.

Even ugly, beat up, unwanted little tables can be something beautiful with a little bit of love. And a LOT of yellow paint! :)

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