Newborn Survival Guide : My Favorite Baby Items

Our little Lucy girl is already 4 months old! The first 3 months of her life were fabulous, but the past month has been really fun! She is awake more during the day and interacting with us. We’re getting lots of smiles and chatter! :) So much fun! She’s also sleeping a lot longer at night. PRAISE.THE.LORD.

Newborn Survival Guide

Bringing home your baby is one of the most joyous occasions of your life. And snuggling your new little squish those first days and weeks is one of the best things ever….but those first days and weeks are also hard. Your life is thrown for one big, wonderful loop and you’re running on sleep fumes. It’s great to have a few things on hand to help make life a little easier. I thought I’d share my favorite baby gear items that helped me survive the first few months of motherhood! 

Baby Carrier

hava sling

Baby carriers are a must. Baby wearing not only helps keep your hands free, but its great for bonding with your baby. Babies that are worn are typically calmer and better sleepers. The Hava Sling has been my favorite for the first few months. I wear it around the house, to church, and the grocery store. Lucy pretty much always falls asleep when I wear her in the sling and is great for calming her when she gets fussy. One of the reasons I love the Hava over other slings, is the padded rails on the top and bottom of the sling. It makes it a little more comfy for mom and baby, and provides the support they need under their legs and especially behind the neck. 

Burp Cloths

burp cloths


You can not have enough or too many burp cloths. Babies are messy, and unless you want to be doing a ton of laundry every day….you need burp cloths. I love the Carter’s Burp Cloths for tucking under her chin while feeding. They’re soft and easy to get under there to catch any extra dribbles. Just your average, cheapo burp cloths are great to catch spit up.

Swaddle Sacks

swaddle sacks

Swaddling is awesome and helps baby sleep better. They feel cozy, safe and secure and it keeps baby from waking herself up with that startle reflex. We love swaddle sacks since they are easier to use than a blanket and you don’t have to worry about the swaddle coming undone. No blankets in the face! The first two months we used the Summer Infant SwaddleMe sleep sack. It is simple to use which is a huge bonus during middle of the night changes. Once she got a bit bigger and turned into a Houdini baby, we moved up to the Miracle Blanket. It truly lives up to the name! Once you get over the fact that it feels like a baby straight jacket….you will love it! ;)

Snuza Sleep Monitor


I was worried I would be one of those moms who stayed awake making sure my baby was still breathing instead of catching sleep when I could. Our Snuza Monitor was a life saver! It just clips onto the baby’s diaper and senses breathing and movement. If it doesn’t sense movement for a certain amount of time, it will vibrate to stimulate the baby. If it still doesn’t sense breathing, it will sound a {loud} alarm. The Snuza has given me such peace of mind! I definitely sleep better when we use it. We’ve had a couple of false alarms since switching to cloth diapers {sometimes the night-time diapers are a bit bulky and it’s hard to clip on}, but other than that it’s been great!

Wubbanub Pacifiers


We love our Wubbanub! They are like the soother pacifiers that you will get in the hospital, but with a small light weight stuffed animal attached. The benefits to these are endless! They’re easier to lose, I can find and reach it one handed in the car, and it’s easier for the baby to get the paci back into his mouth {once they are able to start grabbing}. Plus, they’re really cute. We have the Longhorn Wubbanub…because Texas. :)

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System

stroller and car seat

I love love love our stroller and car seat combo. It’s so nice to just click the car seat into place, whether in the car or stroller. The stroller is the best one I have ever used. It is a jogging stroller…but I’m not a jogger. However, I chose it because it is so smooth and steady. I can push it one handed without the stroller swaying to one direction or another. It also has a lot of storage and even a place to clip your phone in. It can also be closed with one hand. It is by far the best stroller I have ever used! We have enjoyed using it for walks around the neighborhood or at the park. I’m sure it will be getting a lot more mileage this fall one the weather cools off a bit. Amazon often has this stroller system on sale. I bought it after Thanksgiving for about $100 off the normal price. 

Graco Soothing System Glider {bassinet, swing, bouncer – all in one!}


I have never been a fan of buying a bunch of large baby equipment that will only be used for a couple of months. It’s a pain finding space to store such bulky things. I was super resistant to buying a bassinet for that very reason. I knew we’d only use it for a few weeks, and then it would take up space in the attic or garage. I was super excited to find the Graco Soothing System. It has a base that is a glider {swing} that can play music or nature sounds. Then, you can either place the bouncer seat onto the base and use as a swing, or the bassinet attachment to use for sleeping. The bouncer also vibrates for soothing. I loved not having 3 separate pieces of baby gear in our small house! 

What are/were your favorite baby items for those first few months? 

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Four of my Favorites

Hi there! Who’s up for a favorite things round up today? A good friend always dishes on their current favorites and recommendations, right?


1) Maybelline Instant Agre Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.59.22 PM


Let me preface this by saying that I am only 27 years old, and no I don’t think I look old already. I had already been using the concealer in this line that is for dark circles, and I really liked it. I’ve actually been using the Makeup Forever HD foundation for a really long time and love it. I was running out of my foundation when my husband went into the hospital, so I grabbed the Maybelline foundation at the last second when I had to make a quick Walgreens run. I didn’t have the time, energy, need or want at the time to run to Sephora to get my usual foundation. Um. This stuff is actually really amazing. It gives great coverage, but looks very natural and you don’t even feel like you have makeup on. I was skeptical about the sponge applicator that is attached, but it actually makes it very easy to apply and is less messy than other liquid foundations. Just smooth it out with a sponge or your finger tips after you’ve applied. For about $10 {instead of $40!},this is my new go-to foundation.

2) Stitch Fix 

This is the most genius idea ever and I am so in love. After filling out your style profile, Stitch Fix will send you a box with 5 clothing items that a stylist has put together just for you {doesn’t that make you feel like a fancy pants?}. You have a few days to try things on, keep what you like and send back what you don’t. Ahem…if you didn’t catch that…that means no fitting rooms. No listening to someone else’s kids scream while you try to figure out how to get out of the blouse you’re stuck in. {Not that I’ve ever experienced that…}. You get to try clothes on in the comfort of your own home without sweating and/or crying.

Stitch Fix Style Profile

There is a $20 styling fee per box, but that is applied to whatever you do keep. You are able to set a general price setting. I have mine on the lowest, and to be honest, the items do cost a little more than I would normally spend on clothing. That is mostly because I am a Target clearance girl. The cheap stuff I buy either rarely sees the light of day, or is worn out too quickly. Stitch Fix provides quality clothing, and a card that shows a few options on how you can wear it. So, these clothes are a) actually going to be worn and b) last you a long time. I’ve also learned about other brands I may not have heard of otherwise, which is really fun! You can choose to have a box delivered on a monthly basis, or just whenever you’re ready for your fix!

3) Veggie Tacos

Veggie Tacos

In attempt to eat healthier, I’m trying to cook at least one meatless dinner a week. My current favorite non-meat recipe is veggie tacos! These are so easy and delicious. Add a little bit of this cilantro-lime dressing and you are in business, my friend! And feta cheese on top! Thank you, Jesus. Even if you’re not a veg-head, you must try these. You can thank me later. {I totally made these again last night. You can see my Instagram for proof.}

 4) Painted Furniture in Mint

mint night stand

I’m frantically trying to figure out what I can paint mint, and where I can put it in my house. I’ve always loved. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember….and now…I can’t figure out why I don’t own any mint furniture. It’s quite ridiculous, actually. I’m working on something right now with my sister for her new apartment.This nightstand from Making Home Base is just making my heart do flips. So yes. My greatest advice to you, as a friend, is to own mint furniture. ;)

What are you digging these days? What are your favorite products or trends right now?





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