Boys of Fall {September Giveaway}

Football season is here! I don’t know about you but where I’m from football is a BIG deal at any and every level. Now that the season is here every Friday night and Saturday will be spent in sweat shirts, scarves, eating boiled peanuts while cheering on my boys. This month we have something for that football fan in your life! 
The start of football season is a huge deal. Everyone dresses in their team colors and loves any football themed goodies. Today we have a beautiful hand made leather football bangle from BeloDesigns Jewelry It is a 1 1/2 inch in width thick leather band with an adjustable cuff attached to the inside. The plate is sewn in and hand stamped with the name or number of your favorite player with a football design stamped on it, the white stitching is hand sewn by our shop as well. This is a one size fits MOST item! 


$40 value. You can visit Belo Designs through their WebsiteEtsy ShopFacebook 
Next up is some another beautiful pig skin piece of jewelry from Avante Garde Designs! This pendant is made out of authentic footballs hand cut to fit. The pendant has a diameter of 20mm and comes in a gift box. The necklace is 19 1/2 inches long and comes with a lobster clasp. 

$35 value. Visit Avante Garde Designs on EtsyFacebook 
And finally a quick sign to let everyone know where your heart is this season. Customize the sign with the colors from your home team and make it a great display of affection :) This 13in x 13in tin sign from Grace Langdon Art fits great in any man cave, tailgate tent, or front door! 


$25 value. Visit the Grace Langdon Art shop 


Your chance to win all these goodies will be open until September 16th! So be sure to use up all your entries to optimize your chance of winning! You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. {If you’re reading this in a blog reader or via email, you may need to click through to the post}.

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Plastic Tablecloth Photo Booth Backdrop

Good morning! I’m back today with a quick and easy tutorial for a photo booth backdrop! Photo booths are such a fun thing to add to your parties. If you are wanting to rent a physical photo booth, get ready to shell out the big bucks. I think the cheapest I have found cost around $1,000 for an evening rental. I created the “booth” backdrop for our Super Bowl party for a total of $6 and ten minutes of my time.

To start, make a run to your local dollar store and grab a few rectangular plastic table cloths. You can easily customize your photo booth to match the theme and colors of your party. You can do one solid color, a variety of alternating colors, or go all out and have a rainbow. You will need between 6 and 8 table cloths, depending on the size of your booth. I used 6, and it was cutting it close to remain in the frame of the shot.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

The only other items you’ll need are a hole punch, some string or twine, and either thumb tacks or command hooks to hang the finished drape. After you take the table cloth out of the package, stretch it out lengthwise. Start folding the top back and forth like one of the paper fans you used to make as a kid. It definitely doesn’t have to be perfect.

Next, punch a hole near the top of the table cloth. Be sure to not make the hole too close to the edge to avoid ripping.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

Start stringing each piece onto your twine. You will want to make sure your piece of string is longer than the width of your space.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

Now, go ahead and hang your back drop using either thumb tacks or command hooks. I used thumb tacks. I started with one on each end and wrapped the string around several times before tying it off. {As much as I love my Texas Longhorns, my walls are not burnt orange. I’m clearly not a pro¬†photographer! haha}

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

Once you have the backdrop hung, start spreading out each piece and fluffing it a bit. You’ll notice that it will be a bit droopy from the weight of the plastic.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

I just went back with a couple of thumb tacks to raise the middle of the backdrop.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

And, VOILA! You have an awesome photo booth backdrop for a few pennies!

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

No photo booth is complete without a few props and silliness. I gathered a few things from around the house that I’ve collected over the years. You know…normal things most people have….like giant sombreros and sparkly glasses. I also found a few feathered Mardi Gras masks at the Dollar Tree. We used the Photo Booth application that came on my Mac Book to act as our camera for the evening. There are several apps that can be downloaded onto your iPad or iPhone. If you don’t have any Apple products, you can have a few friends swap off taking pictures with a regular point and shoot camera.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

Cardboard cut outs are always a bonus. A Joe Montana pillow pal will earn you even more extra points, so it’s definitely a good idea to be friends with someone who owns a Joe Montana pillow pal.

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

And here are my dear friends Joel and Amanda demonstrating just how exciting photo booths can be!

plastic table cloth photo booth backdrop

This was a hit, especially with the kiddos. I think I have about 300 pictures of our friends’ kids modeling all of the different props with a variety of poses. At one point I even heard one of the girls say “Yes! It turned out just how we wanted!”. Haha!

Do you have any parties coming up soon? I’ll definitely be saving this backdrop for future use (4th o’ July, anybody?) and making some in other colors.

Have an awesome Tuesday!