Flea Market Swap Makeover – #swapitlikeitshot

I’m joining over 30 other bloggers this week in the great Flea Market Swap, and today is Day 1! We sent each other a mystery box with fun flea market or thrift store finds, all under $15. Our challenge was to transform the contents of said box into something fabulous! 

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotBrandi from Don’t Disturb this Groove sent me a box full of goodies; fabric, wicker paper plate holders, some cute candle sticks and a scalloped wooden bowl. 

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotIf y’all have been reading this blog for very long, you probably know I love to pick up these wooden bowls at thrift stores. I’ve transformed them with paint to be anything from just “catch-all” bowls to planters. I was excited to get another one in my box to do some magic on! 

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotI started by spray painting the outside of the bowl in white. I just used some spray paint from my stash. It took about 3 coats of paint to get full coverage. 

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotSome of the paint seeped through to the edge, but that wasn’t a problem because I had plans for the inside of the bowl as well. 

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotI wanted to give the inside of the bowl a gold leafing treatment. I found a liquid version that has the consistency of paint at my local craft store. If you’re going to try this, I would definitely recommend using it outside. The fumes are pretty strong. 

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshot


Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotI “painted” the entire inside as well as a little past the edge. I wanted a more organic shape {like the bowl} and so I didn’t tape it off.

Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshotIt’s great for the coffee table, or to help corral my jewelry. I’m thinking it will be the new home for all of my bracelets. :)

You can hop over to Artsy Chicks Rule to see what I sent Nancy and what she did with it! And be sure to check out the rest of the girls’ projects this week. I can’t wait to see what everyone else did with their thrifted finds! 


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Flea Market Swap Makeover - #swapitlikeitshot


Love Your Home

Recently I was chatting with Taylor at Porch.com and she asked me to share about my “happy place” at home. This sounded like too much fun to pass up, so here I am! Have you heard of Porch.com? Porch is a home network that allows you to find the right professionals, get inspired, and manage your homeā€¦.for free! 

 A little over 5 years ago, we bought our first house. We discussed living here for about 5-10 years until there were a few little feet running across these floors and we were feeling cramped. Then we were going to move on to something bigger and better. Now I’m trying to find ways to stay here forever. We’ve turned this little blank slate of a house into our home.

They key to having a home that we love and never want to leave has been this : only have things that we absolutely love, mean something special to us, and make our way of life more enjoyable. That means we ignore the lists online that tell us whether our home and belongings are on or off trend. If we love it, it stays. That also means we work to make sure our home is a sanctuary, for us and those who cross our threshold. We love to have friends and family over and to host parties and get-togethers. We want everyone to feel comfortable and at home! 


One of my absolute favorite corners in our home checks off all 3 items on our “how to love our home” list. That corner is the coffee bar!  This little space in my kitchen is my happy place. If you’ve been here long enough, you’ve learned of my obsession with coffee. I’ve even got a steaming cup of joe smack dab in the middle of my logo. It’s not so much the life giving nectar that this coffee bar provides that makes it my happy place. Although, that is a nice bonus! This little corner provides much more than a jolt of caffeine. 


Many special and important conversations have been had over a cup of coffee brewed in this very spot. It has been an essential part to our at-home date nights and late night visits with family and friends. When we hit a mental road block with our adoption paper work, we poured two cups and got to work together to finish that stack. We have done the same while celebrating immense joys with our friends like weddings and babies; and deep sorrows like the loss of loved ones. 


We have been lucky enough to inherit a few special things from loved ones that we have incorporated throughout our home decor. Our coffee corner is no exception! The cabinet was actually my great-grandmother’s china cabinet. It was a bit beat up and didn’t quite fit the look of our home, so I spruced it up a bit. The cabinet holds a few special items given to me by my grandma. My favorite is the beautiful sea foam green tea set. It belonged to her grandmother. She and a few of her friends bought matching sets and took turns hosting each other each week for tea. These things are sweet reminders of special people, and just part of making this house feel like home. 


 This little space is just one of the ways we’ve made our home so special! 

Now, I want to see your happy place in your home! Post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with #loveyourhome ! 

{you can read more about our coffee bar and find sources here}

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Home Tour – Kitchen and Plans

Happy Friday, y’all! The long awaited weekend is upon us! I’m planning on soaking up every bit of sunshine I can this weekend. We went over 10 days without one sighting of the sun and it just about near killed me. I like a little bit of cold, but I need the sunshine to accompany it! I’m high maintenance. ;)

Today is the last stop on the Like a Saturday Home Tour. Today I’ll be showing you our long and narrow kitchen, and discussing our plans. 


Although I still have quite the list of updates I’d like to make to our kitchen, this room has come such a long way from when we purchased the house! 

kitchen before 2This is the kitchen looking from the living room. This room couldn’t look more 1992 builder grade if it tried. Vinyl flooring, cream laminate counters, orange oak cabinets, flourescent lighting and one grimey ceiling fan. 

kitchen beforeAnd the view from the breakfast nook looking towards the living room. We have a small, galley style kitchen that is long and narrow.  

kitchen-tour-1And here is what the kitchen looks like now. Since the living room and kitchen are open to each other, so we carried in the same flooring and paint color for continuity. It seems bigger in here and just flows better. 

kitchen-tour-5My number one goal in this room is to paint the cabinets white. Of course, I’ve waited until the year that we’ll be bringing a baby in our home to seriously start planning it out. It may or may not happen in 2015. :)

kitchen-tour-sinkI’m so happy to have a window over the sink. Even though we mostly just see the activity in our neighbors driveway. #burblife

Other updates I’d like to make are replacing the laminate counters and updating to a subway tile backsplash. The good thing about having a small kitchen is it costs so much less to make major upgrades like that. I’ve also had my eye on that Ikea farmhouse sink for a long while. How darling would that be? Those hooks on the sides of the cabinet are going when we paint. I’m thinking some shelves like this would be totally adorable and add to the modern farmhouse vibe I’m going for. 



My coffee bar is my absolute favorite part of the kitchen. Not only does it supply me with life juice, it’s also pretty cute. You can read more about it here

coffee bar 10.jpg


At the end of our kitchen is the breakfast nook, complete with bay windows. Confession time. When I was a kid, I used to design my own floor plans on graph paper. For fun. Every last one of them included a bay window in the kitchen. Dreams do come true! 


kitchen-tour-4And the last part of the kitchen is the stove area. It’s tiny, but it does the job! I’m a bit globe obsessed and have displayed part of my collection on the top of the cabinets. I’m not usually one for stuff on tops of cabinets, but I actually really like these here. 

kitchen-tour-3On this little sliver of wall, I have a tiny eclectic plate collection. The top one is from Home Goods, but the bottom two belonged to my Grandma. The plate in the middle is Hopalong Cassidy, which brings me endless amounts of joy. It’s the little things, y’know. ;)

You can read more about our small pantry and how I organize it here

I’ll leave a list of sources and links to projects found in my humble little kitchen at the bottom of this post. 

Now that we’ve come to the end of this tour, I want to know what your favorite room in YOUR home is. Tell me about it! 

You can find the complete home tour here. 

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Kitchen Sources

Gold Dipped Bar Stools

“Wake up and smell the Coffee” Printable – DIVart on Etsy

School House Light Fixture – Home Depot

Woodland Creature Plates – Target circa 2012

Chandelier – Pottery Barn

EAT Faux Zinc Letters 

Cookie Jar – Crate & Barrel {from a few years ago} – Similar here

Anthro Inspired Cake Stand

Chalkboard Menu