Kitchen Dreamin’

Wow! Where did this  last week go? It was a whirlwind of a week. We’ve celebrated my amazing mom’s birthday, worked on getting my baby sister ready to move to Austin, increased our schnauzer count from 1 to 3 while my parents got her settled in, and did some shopping and planning for some new projects around the house.

Our home is 20 years old, and until we bought it 3 years ago, had only one owner and not a single painted wall. I’m talking blank, white, original builder grade everything. BORING. The previous owner had taken pretty good care of everything, but our house needed some serious updating….and color!

We’ve done a lot of small updates here and there, like painting the walls, but we’ve been saving up to do some larger updates. Pretty soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the old carpet, vinyl flooring and manila laminate counter tops! Woohoo!

Our plan is to start in the kitchen by painting the oak cabinets an antique white. They’re great cabinets, but I’m growing a little tired of the color. I love me some white kitchens, and it will really brighten and soften things up in our small, galley kitchen.

We’ll be ditching the cream-colored laminate counter tops and back splash and bringing in stained, butcher block counters from Ikea….

…and a bead board backsplash.

I think I will paint the bead board the same color as the cabinets (especially since we already have two different wall colors ), but this is a really pretty take on a bead board backsplash.

Also…try saying bead board backsplash five times fast. Good-ness that is a mouth full.

To keep with the theme of farmy and fresh….BEHOLD: the beautiful farmhouse style DOMSJÖ sink from Ikea.

Can I tell you how excited I am about the prospect of not looking like a slob after putting two plates in my sink that is about an inch deep [not really….but go with me here]? And it’s gorgeous. Be still, my heart.

What projects [big or small] are you dreaming up for your home?

Another side bar….have y’all noticed that Better Homes and Gardens always features the most gorgeous kitchens? I have photos that I’ve ripped out of the magazine plastered all over my fridge right now.

Enjoy the eye candy and have a fantastic Monday!

Linen Closet Overhaulin’


Linen Closet Organization

Psst…There is an update to the linen closet here

I’ve been busy getting a lot of organizing done around these parts! I LOVE to organize and reorganize until it’s perfect. In the words of my husband, “As soon as I figure out where something is, it changes”. Haha – poor guy.

This last year has been crazy for us. To make a long story short, I worked the worst job ever a horrible job for 8 months that left me emotionally and physically completely wiped out at the end of every day. Oh, and I was sick and running a fever for 4 of those months, just to make things a little more exciting (Yes…a fever for 4 months. What the heck, right?). Needless to say, things at home got a little messy. It just feels easier to shove something in a closet sometimes, but the mess just about drove me mad.

Now, I’m healthy and have an amazing job that I love, and I come home with energy and a smile on my face. Life is good and it’s time to reclaim my home! We also have some bigger home improvement projects in the works (more on those later), and it’s just easier to move your stuff around when you have less crap and it’s all neatly tucked away in little bins and baskets.

The first victim of my purging, rearranging, organizational storm was our linen closet [this is, of course, if we’re not counting the husby].

Welcome to my linen closet hall of shame. Dreadful isn’t it? You know things are bad when you have to lean all of your body weight into the door in order to get it shut. There’s nothing quite like displaying your mess for all of the interwebs to see to keep you humble.

To answer your question, yes – that is a giant hot dog. Sometimes a lady needs to dress her dog in ridiculous Halloween costumes.

One other task I wanted to accomplish along with this project was getting our medications moved out of the bathroom and organized in a better way. Humidity and moisture in the air will cause medications and supplements to go bad quicker than their actual expiration dates, so we definitely needed to get those moved out of there.

This whole project only cost $10, courtesy of the good ol’ Dollar Tree and their stock of plastic shoebox size tubs, and round baskets.

To get things started, I pulled everything out of the closet and sorted it. If it hasn’t been used in a year, is too worn to use again, or if it was something I was only keeping out of guilt…it was gone! I’m learning that the less stuff you have, the better life is.

I sorted all of the remaining items by category and then started figuring out what containers I wanted everything in and where to put it. This may take some time playing around until you find the best fit. It’s good to keep the things you use most often closer to eye level, and the items that don’t see as much action can go on the highest or lowest shelves. It’s great to group like items together on the same shelf, but not 100% necessary all of the time. Linen closets tend to be small or awkward, so just make what you have work. Remember, it does NOT have to be perfect! :) It just needs to work well for you and your family!

Ah! So much better…and less embarrassing.

Linen Closet - After

Our throw pillows that I sometimes switch out are on the very top shelf with the sleeping bags. Our table linens were rolled (less wrinkling! yay!), put into the round, plastic baskets and placed on the lowest shelf.

I used the “sheets in the pillow case” method that I’m sure most of you have seen pop up on Pinterest. I keep any extra pillow cases folded in a plastic, zip up bag that a set of sheets came in. These are great to keep around for storage!

Our travel items, such as travel size toiletries, toothbrush covers, passport wallets, plug adapters, etc are all in one basket together.

Each category of medication got it’s own bin, as well as each family member (ahem…we don’t need sharing of the nose sprays).  It makes it really easy to grab the box you need and quickly find a medication without having to dig through a ton of bottles.

Medication Storage

After all of that, I still had some room leftover so I was able to stick in a bin full of extra toiletry items and a bin of things for the pup.

Extras Shelf

I have a few odd items on the floor, like a box of china that is only used occasionally, placemats, a bag of extra tea lights, and two baskets for dirty linens.

Lastly, I labeled everything with some fun, colorful labels I was able to print for free online. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors that you might not typically use around your home. It’s only a closet, after all. Have a little fun with it!

And there you have it! An organized linen closet with ten bucks and a couple of hours. It feels so great to have that done! Sometimes, I open the door just to take a look at my masterpiece while I’m passing through the hall. Oh…that’s not normal? Let’s just take one more look at the finished product. :)

Is anyone else getting their organization on? What are you clearing out and straightening up?

Have a great day, y’all!