2014 Home Goals – Revisited

Tomorrow is the last day of 2014. Holy WOW, this year went by fast! Hold onto your britches, because I’m betting that 2015 is even more of a blur! I’m not nearly as excited to bid farewell to this year as I was in 2013…but the thought of a new year still makes me giddy!  A fresh start. A blank slate. Waiting to be planned and organized! ;) 

I always start the year with lists of goals. One of those lists is specifically for our home. These lists are not rigid. They are simply a guide and a motivator. So, there is no guilt attached when I don’t check off every last item. One cannot predict what a new year will bring, so I give myself a lot of grace. {Another topic for another day….but I think that’s a goal we can add to our general list for 2015. Let’s all give ourselves some grace, shall we?}. 

2014 home goals

I always enjoy taking a look back at the ending year’s list to see all that we accomplished, what will makes its way onto the next list, and where we completely changed our minds. So, without further ado…let’s see how we did in 2014! 

My number one goal for our home this year was to P-U-R-G-E. And purge we did! My only regret is that I didn’t weigh everything that left our house. I wish I knew how much weight our house lost this year, but I know it was a TON. It feels amazing to get rid of junk we don’t need! I’ll got into more detail in the future {and share some tips} about how we’ve been paring down. 

Alright – now, let’s see how we did on a room-by-room basis. 

Living Room

mindful grey.jpg

Repaint the walls 

Gallery wall around the TV

Done and done! We are really enjoying both the new paint color and the gallery wall.  Our living room actually looks completely different than it did at the start of the year. Stay tuned for the living room portion of our home tour coming up soon! 

Entry Way


Repaint {same color as living room}

Repaint front door – inside and out

New light fixtures – inside and out

Status : mostly done! The entry way and door got some fresh paint. We even added a new pendant light inside, but we’re still looking for an outdoor fixture. 


Repaint {same color as living room}

Finished. And that’s all she wrote about that. 


coffee bar.jpg

Repaint {same color as living room}

Refinish buffet and create coffee bar {so excited about this one!}

Paint cabinets?

Our floors, cabinets and backsplash still need an update – I hope this is finally the year, but who knows!

The walls were painted the same color as the living room, hallway, and entry. And y’all know we are still in love with that coffee bar. The cabinets didn’t get their facelift quite yet, but maybe 2015 is the year? We’ll see what baby has to say about that! ;) We did get new floors throughout the house, so that part is also done! Good riddance, 25 year old linoleum! 

Guest Room

guest room 1


Curtains need to happen. Badly. 

So does a new light fixture or fan. But probably a fan. Because Texas.

As badly as curtains were needed, they did not happen. We did add a ceiling fan! This room is currently being transformed into a nursery, so the fan was a must. When you know that a little human is about to move into your house, you start reading too much. And when you read too much, you learn that pretty much everything can cause SIDs, and then you do all of the things that they say can help prevent this. Thus, a fan appeared. #firsttimeparentprobs

Guest Bath

hall bath 6

Frame out builder grade mirror

New light fixture

Poor, neglected bathroom. But hey! We did replace the floors. Progress!


office nook 1

Put up curtains

Switch out light fixture

I would love to do a built-in {or faux built-in} desk along the wall with some shelving above it. Not sure if that will happen this year or not, though. 

I did hang some curtains. And that’s about it. This was not the year for built ins. Real exciting stuff here. 

Laundry Room

laundry room 1

Repaint – I’m tired of looking at red walls, and I have more than half of a can of Mount Etna left. 

Build a 2nd shelf – and repaint original shelf to match the new one

Fun treatment on the ceiling {I have something in mind, but you’ll have to wait!}

New light fixture

Re-do the floor – I’ll either pain the existing linoleum, or bring in new vinyl tiles. Nothing too fancy for this space.

Check, check, check, check, AND CHECK! The laundry room makeover was one of my favorites from this year. I’m still in love! 

Overall, I’d say it’s been one productive year! Check back in tomorrow to see what is in store for 2015!

Spill the beans! What did you accomplish in your home this year? 


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Top posts of 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday weekend! As we begin to wrap up another year, I’m taking a look back at the most popular Like a Saturday posts of 2014. Let’s do this New Year’s style and count down from 10! 

Most popular posts of the year

10) DIY Backlit Marquee Letter

I love an easy project, and this is perhaps the easiest of them all! I still love our illuminated ampersand. This would also be adorable in a child’s room — an oversized, monogram night light! 

ampersand title.jpg

9) Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Bar

This is probably my favorite project of the entire year. I still smile at it every morning. Which may be because of my unhealthy obsession with coffee, but I do love how it turned out. 

coffee bar title.jpg

8) Greeting Card Organizer

You will notice a theme with some of these popular posts. You guys love your organization! Organizing your greeting cards with a mini-binder couldn’t be easier. There are a couple free printables available for this as well. 

Greeting Card Organizer using a mini-binder (fully stocked with Hallmark Value cards - they run at 47 and 97 cents a piece!)

7) Day-to-Day Life Organization

I went over a bit of how I keep myself organized on a day-to-day basis. My system worked really well for me in a crazy year. I’m making a couple of tweaks going forward in 2015 that I’ll be sharing with you soon! 

Systems to help you get and stay organized in your day-to-day life -- to help simplify your life and make your days run smoother!

6) Laundry Room Reveal

Another favorite post. I’m so happy with how our laundry room turned out! I wanted it to be pretty since it’s at the end of our main hallway {you can see it from the living room} and the door is pretty much always open. I get a lot of great comments on it when we have company! 

laundry room 1

5) Pantry Remodel and Organization

My dad gutted my parents’ pantry and did a complete overhaul. I helped with the organization and share some tips in this post. 

moms pantry 4

4) Almond Joy Smoothie

This smoothie is seriously delicious, and its healthy too! I’m thinking it’s time to pull out the blender and get back on a smoothie kick! 

almond joy title

3) Managing the Paper Clutter

Another organizational post. This system has been a game changer! We’ve been able to keep the paper clutter at bay without losing our minds. I was so glad we had this system in place before starting our adoption process this year. Talk about your paper train! I was easily able to find everything we needed. Tax season should be a breeze as well! 

how to manage the paper clutter

2) How to Paint Your Trim

I had grand plans to repaint all of our trim this year, but we only got to the bathrooms and laundry room. I’ll be using my own advice when I try to tackle this task in 2015. 

paint trim title.jpg

1) How to Hang Patio Lights

This absolutely cracks me up — the post that almost wasn’t. Seriously, y’all — this post was a complete afterthought. I didn’t think anyone would really be all that interested, but it has consistently been the post with the most traffic this year. Who knew! 

string lights 10.jpg


I was happy to see that my two favorites – the coffee bar and laundry room – made the list. Often times the posts you put the most effort into don’t gain as much traction. Meanwhile, you have the patio light posts blowing your mind. Haha! :)

What was your favorite post or project this year?

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Merry Christmas!

Oh, Christmas Tree!


I’m just popping in real quick to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope it is wonderful and that you are able to soak in every last bit of this magical season. I wish for you fun, laughter, and a bit of rest too! I’m signing off for the rest of the week to spend time with family. See you soon! 

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