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Hiding the {blasted} TV Wires

I showed y’all our new fancy schmancy non-boxy TV and the pretty new media cabinet last week. We opted to set the television on a piece of furniture instead of mounting it to the wall. The one downside : wires. I.HATE.WIRES. I’m crossing my fingers that in the future everything will go completely wireless. I feel like it’s the least the universe could do {especially since the future also includes grey hair and wrinkles}.

I had to find a way to hide the wires before I went totally crazy looking at the pile under the entertainment cabinet and the little stragglers in-between the TV and top of the cabinet.

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

hey look! the top of a bloggers head sighting!

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

I look at this hot mess and all I can think is…..

sweet brown

{Side note : I love Sweet Brown. LOVE her. Like invite her over for dinner kinda love.}

I grabbed some command hooks, electrical tape, and a hot glue gun to complete my mission.

I started by hot gluing the power strip underneath the cabinet. Hot glue is your friend. It sticks really well, but is also easy to remove without damage if you need to later on down the road.

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

I plugged everything in and then just basically used a hook or tape where needed to lift the wires off the floor or hide them behind the TV stand and cabinet .

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

It will not look all beautiful and organized behind the cabinet. It’s not possible. And that’s ok! You just shimmy that cabinet back against the wall and forget about the tangled mess.

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

Glory! It looks so much better! The only thing is you can still see a peek of wires from the sides. They may drive me nuts, but I’m a realist too. I wasn’t trying to fool people into thinking there are no wires at all. I just don’t want them to take center stage.

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

I’m really only concerned about the view from the right side of the cabinet, as that’s basically the first thing you see when entering the house. Nothing a little plant can’t fix. It’s all about distraction, amIright?

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

And how’s about this for a picture of the differences between men and women?

Me: “Hey, honey! Look! Doesn’t it look so much better???”.

Hubs: “What?”.

Me: “I hid all of the wires!”.

Hubs: “Oh…I didn’t really notice them before.”.

Hahaha – oh well. Proof that it doesn’t really matter that much and I’m maybe a little neurotic.

Like a Saturday : How to hide the TV wires

Look, Ma! No wires! Also – your thoughts on the Oscar noms? I have so many movies to see between now and then!

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!






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Welcome to the 21st Century {A New TV and Media Cabinet}

You can now welcome Tim and I into the current century! We finally got with the times and bought a flat screen TV. Yup. We’ve spent the first three years of our marriage with a bulky, box TV and a giant, old school entertainment center. A new fancy television just hasn’t been very high on our priority list. We decided that Santa would bring us a new one for Christmas, and found a great deal on Cyber Monday.

A new TV means a new media cabinet {which also means I feel inspired to make a bunch of other changes to the living room}. My original plan was to repurpose a thrifted dresser as a media cabinet {like a good DIY blogger should} but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. In the midst of my search, we decided we would actually prefer something a little bit shorter than a dresser as to not have permanent cricks in the neck from watching a too high TV.

My search then took me to Home Decorators. I am in love with this site. This is where my sister found her super cute blue desk. They have awesome furniture at great prices. Here I stumbled upon my precious. I love love love this cabinet! They have several color options, but we chose the cream colored cabinet with the chestnut top. The bottom portion of the piece is antiqued and the chestnut is just gorgeous!

Like a Saturday : New Media Cabinet

It has two shelves on each side behind a door. I bought a few baskets from Target.com to hold DVD’s and Wii games. I was pretty surprised by how much I was able to stash in here.

Like a Saturday : New Media Cabinet

The middle portion has a couple of shelves to hold the media components and a drawer where we keep Wii controllers and remotes.

Like a Saturday : New Media Cabinet

It has made such a difference in the living room! It feels bigger and much more open in there now that we don’t have the bulky entertainment center. I’m trying to decide how I want to decorate around the cabinet. I’m toying with the idea of possibly putting up a gallery wall around the TV, like the picture below. I like how the television blends in with the frames and becomes less of a focal point. I know it won’t happen any time soon if I decide to go that route.

We’re really enjoying the change! I think the hubs is more exited about the enhanced sports viewing, while I’m more excited about all of the new design elements. I’ve got new end tables for the living room on the way, I’m planning to refinish the coffee table, and now I need to find a mantel {mostly since the former entertainment center served as my “mantel”}. The decorating never ends! :)

Have a great day, y’all!


Making Much of Small Spaces : College Edition {Part Two}

I hope y’all enjoyed your first peek into Andrea and Katy’s apartment! I’m so impressed with how homey they’ve made a small, stark space feel on a ramen noodle budget.

Today we’ll be moving out of the main living area into the bedrooms.

Katy is lucky to have such a nice big window that lets in plenty of light. She filled her room with bright colors and vintagey finds. I think it turned out great! You’ll recognize that sunshiney yellow side table. :)

bed:Ikea, afghan:Etsy, curtains:Target, metal bike wall hanging:Home Goods

lamp & shade:Target, turntable:Crosley, bird dish:Pottery Barn

I love this Bambi pillow! It belonged to our great-grandmother, so not only is it adorable, but it has sentimental value as well.

desk : Home Decorators, parsons chair : Home Decorators, pin board : DIY

Every college students needs a good place to study and do homework. This cute desk and comfy parsons chair were found on homedecorators.com. The blue desk matches the inside of the side table drawer.


Andrea also has a great window and plenty of light. She has some really fun light green bedding with a great pattern from Ikea. Right now, she’s neck-deepĀ in nursing school. She’s going to make an amazing nurse (and soon!).

bedding: Ikea elephant bag: Target

She has outfitted her room with global finds from some of her travels, and of course, some vintage items as well. Global items are a great way to bring texture and color into a room. If you haven’t had a chance to make any great world travels, you can still find great things at flea markets or global shops.

The platter below was painted by my grandmother, which makes it all that much more special.

I hope you all enjoyed getting a little peek into the adorable apartment! I’ll be back later this week with a tutorial for one of the items found here. :)

Happy Monday and have a great week!