Vintage Coffee Table Makeover… in MINT!

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Our weekend was just what we needed after a long week. My little sister headed back to school and moved into a new apartment. Before she went, I helped her do a little coffee table makeover.

vintage coffee table mint!This beat up little beauty belonged to my Great-Grandmother. She had a love for all things fancy! Her apartment was full of Victorian style furniture and decorated with dusty pink roses. Every time we would visit her, we would leave with one of her treasures that she insisted on giving to us. She would be so happy to know her coffee table is loved and being put to good use. :)

vintage coffee table mint!The table had obviously seen better days. When we found it, one of the corner pieces had been broken off. My Dad, being the awesome fix-it man that he is, reattached the piece with some wood glue and sanded it so you couldn’t even tell that it had been broken.

After giving the rest of the table a good sanding, we did a nice coat of spray primer. It is important to prime older pieces of furniture.

My sister decided on a mint color for the table {because, who doesn’t love mint these days?!}. We used Krylon’s Catalina Mist. I am forever in love with this color! This is the most perfect mint that comes in a spray form.

Catalina MistWe are all so happy with the final product! We had such a great time freshening up the poor, old coffee table! The table looks a little more blue in these photos, but the actual color is much closer to the color on the spray can.

vintage coffee table mint!

vintage coffee table mint!I always love combining old and new when it comes to decor. Combining a modern, fresh color with a more traditional piece has given this table new life. The lighter, brighter color draws even more attention to her beautiful curves and intricate details. I can’t wait to see how it looks in the new apartment!

vintage coffee table mint!


vintage coffee table mint!


Macy is always near by, but never bothers me too much when I’m getting photos for the blog. She’s usually a content observer. However, when I was trying to take photos of the coffee table, she insisted on being a part of the photo shoot.

vintage coffee table mint!Oh goodness gracious…she’s looking a bit pitiful. She’s definitely over due for a trip to the beauty shop. Sister’s still pretty cute though, even when she’s in desperate need of a hair cut.

vintage coffee table mint!I suppose she’s just really into that table, and was maybe a bit sad about saying goodbye to it. Schnauzer’s have good design taste. ;)

vintage coffee table mint!I’ve always loved mint, so I’ve been so happy to see it popping up all over the place! What is your current favorite color trend in design?




E-A-T! {DIY Faux Metal Letters}

Our plans for a kitchen makeover have been put off a few times for one reason or another. I’m sure many of you can probably relate to this. You have all of your plans in place, you’re ready to go. Something breaks {like your fridge, car… or everything in the house all at once}. You walk through the 5 stages of grief {because ALLTHETHINGS keep breaking}. And then you start saving again. You know…general home ownership-ness. :)

Whether it’s because of budgetary reasons, or living in a rental —  I would say most of us are having to live with what we’ve got, or work around certain design elements that we just aren’t in love with. One of the ways I’ve learned to work with what I have, is to add accessories and art that are “me”. I add smaller elements that I love to help a space feel more personal and homey. Creating your own art and accessories is budget-friendly and adds that extra personal touch.

The wall space above my stove was looking a bit sad, so I decided to create something that would spruce up the area now, but also look great when we are able to update the kitchen. I’ve always been a fan of typography {Which probably comes from being the daughter of an art director, and then marrying a graphic designer. Keep your comic sans to yourself, thankyouverymuch.}. I have long admired the zinc letters from Anthropologie, but at $18 a pop… I just couldn’t. I’m definitely one of “those people” that looks at a price tag, chokes a bit and then says “Psshh….I could make that!”. So, that is exactly what I set off to do!

DIY Faux Metal LettersI bought the paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby for $2.47 a piece. Hob Lob also often puts these on sale {40% off I think?}, so if you wait until they do, you can get even more bang for your buck.

DIY Faux Metal Letters -- start with paper mache lettersSpray a good coat of Rustoleum’s oil rubbed bronze onto the letters and wait for it to dry. Spray paint typically takes about 20 minutes to dry before you’re ready for the next coat. Unless you live in the tropics like me and are dealing with 1000% humidity — then give it about 30 minutes.

DIY Faux Metal Letters -- start with oil rubbed bronze spray paintOnce the first coat is dry, it is time to add the main color. I used Krylon’s hammered silver. I allowed that coat to dry, and then lightly sanded the letters to add some more texture. I gave them one last coat of the silver, and then sanded again, but even lighter this time, to create that distressed metal look.

DIY Faux Metal Letters And there you go! If I wouldn’t have told you they were actually paper mache, you wouldn’t even know! I hung the letters over the stove with my trusty command strips.

DIY Faux Metal Letters

DIY Faux Metal Letters

DIY Faux Metal Letters

DIY Faux Metal Letters

DIY Faux Metal Letters

DIY Faux Metal Letters

What part of your house are you trying to work with or around? What are your methods for making a space feel more like it belongs to you?

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