Wintry Christmas Vignette

One of my favorite spaces to decorate for Christmas is our bedroom dresser. It is often decked out before we even have our main tree up! The first Christmas after we got married, I bought an adorable 4 foot white tree. I love this little tree and enjoy creating a wintry vignette around it every year. 


Wintry Christmas Vignette

I have a collection of white, silver and clear ornaments that make the tree sparkle. My collection has grown in recent years to include vintage blue and pink Christmas balls and a few vintage-inspired snow globe ornaments. 

Wintry Christmas Vignette


Wintry Christmas Vignette



Wintry Christmas Vignette

A large chalkboard sits in place of where our usual print is. I free-handed this wreath and to tell you the truth…I’m completely impressed that I actually got such a round circle! 

Wintry Christmas Vignette


I’m pretty much in love with anything Lindsay Letters produces, and was super pumped to see that she has a line with Hobby Lobby this year. I scooped up a couple of the metallic prints including this one. “O Holy Night” is my favorite Christmas hymn. I’d be happy to have the lyrics plastered across my walls at all times. 

Wintry Christmas Vignette

The print is joined by a white, glittery deer and sparkly tree topper. 

Wintry Christmas Vignette

Wintry Christmas Vignette

Wintry Christmas Vignette


What is your favorite space to decorate for Christmas?

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9 Ways to Survive Cabin Fever

Some of you might not want to hear this, but….we still have several weeks of winter ahead of us. Although many of our days here in Texas will feel more spring-like than other areas of the country, I anticipate and hand full frigid days still and certainly some soggy ones. Whether you’re dealing with lots of rain or snow, I’m sure we will all have many days cooped up in the house. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest to keep the kiddos busy, but what’s a girl to do once she’s exhausted all Netflix options? I’ve rounded up a list of ideas to keep you occupied without losing your mind this winter. 

With a few weeks still left of winter -- here are 9 fun, creative and productive ideas to survive cabin fever! 

1) Arm Knit and Infinity Scarf

Try making an infinity scarf by arm knitting. All you need are your arms, some yarn, and 30 minutes or so. Bonus : You’ll keep warm under all that yarn. :)

2) Paint by Number Kit

 Channel your youth by trying out a “paint-by-number” kit {or another kind of craft kit}. These always look fun in a gallery wall or kid’s room. 

3) Read a new book….or an old one. 

Take some time, turn off the TV, and curl up with a good book. Maybe you have a stack of new books waiting to be read, or maybe you’d like to revisit and old loved book. Jeanett from Life Rearranged is going back to her high school required reading list. I just started re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird {my favorite!}.  

4) Write a Letter

Revisit the art of the written word and keep the post office running! Send a letter or a post card to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while. We often receive post cards from my husband’s 93 year old grandpa — many have stories about his youth, immigrating the states, meeting his wife, and many others. These post cards contain family history. Perhaps we should start a letter writing revival and pass on our own family history in written form as well. 

5) Try your hand at typography art. 

Easy DIY Quote Art

Fill and empty space on your wall, or make a gift for a loved one. This is easy, fun and meaningful art!

6) Make and send handmade Valentine cards

Grab some doilies and construction paper to make old school Valentine cards, or check Pinterest for printable or DIY ideas. These adorable paint by number Valentine’s are free to download and print!

7) Plan your next vacation or a party

party planning printables free

Put all of that web surfing to use by planning your next vacation or a party. Research your destination and hunt for good deals. Hunt around Pinterest for unique party themes and ideas. You can use this printable to help with your party planning process. 

8) Try a new recipe

Chicken Coconut Curry Soup

If you’re stuck in the house for a snow day, or just don’t feel like getting out of your PJ’s…head to your Pinterest boards and test drive a new recipe! Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

9) Organize a closet

master closet and jewelry organization

Use a day cooped up in a productive way. Purge and organize a closet in your home. Spring cleaning will be much simpler with less stuff! 

 What do you do to survive cabin fever in the winter?






Winter Porch {reds and blues}

Out of all of the places in our home that feel the most naked after Christmas – my front porch feels the most nude of them all! After having a garland up around the door for fall and Christmas, it is just feeling very bare out there. Sometimes bare and white space are good. Sometimes it just takes a bit of getting used to. 

Winter Porch - reds and blues

I of course had to spruce things up a bit for the days in between Christmas and Valentine’s. I just can’t leave it completely naked! 

Winter Porch - reds and blues

The blue rug is back! I also pulled out the very first yarn wreath I ever made. I’ve only made two. They’re cute but they take for-ev-er. I’m much more fond of making ribbon wreaths like this one. 

Winter Porch - reds and blues


Winter Porch - reds and blues

The wreath ties in well with the blue rug and red brick of the house. 

Winter Porch - reds and blues

The chalkboard also got a mini-facelift with an excerpt from one of my favorite hymns.

Winter Porch - Come Thou Fount chalkboard art


Winter Porch - reds and blues



It just needed something green. Can you believe these trees are fake? I definitely prefer the real deal, but it’s nice to have something I can’t kill and don’t have to bring into the house if it decided to freeze again. I love these little cuties.  

winter porch 3


Do you change out your door decor seasonally?

Winter Porch - reds and blues

Have a great day! 





Winter Porch - red and blues