Make Your Own : Paper Laurel Wreath

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Hi there! Y’all know I’m all about easy crafts, and this one definitely falls into that category. These mini laurel wreaths are the perfect way to welcome Spring! 

Make your own : Paper Laurel Wreath

You will need a grapevine wreath form {I wanted to make mini-wreaths, so I bought small forms from my craft store}, green scrapbook paper in a variety of patterns, ribbon, and hot glue. You probably have most of this in your craft supply stash already!

The first step is to cut a bunch of leaf shapes out of your scrapbook paper. You don’t need a template for this – just freehand a basic leaf shape. It doesn’t matter if your shapes look a bit wonky.

Paper Laurel Wreath : cut out your leaf shapes

I used a total of 16 leaves on each of my mini-wreaths. Get that hot glue gun warmed up! The next step after cutting your leaves is to turn them into 3D shapes by pinching the bottoms together and glueing. 

Paper Laurel Wreath : pinch and glue the bottom of your paper leaves


Once all of your paper leaves are ready to go, it’s time to start attaching them to the wreath form. I recommend laying out your desired pattern before hand so you have a good idea of what your finished product will look like. Now you can begin glueing your leaves to the wreath form. You can also glue the leaves to each other’s sides so they stay in place. 

Make your own : Paper Laurel Wreath


After you have your leaves placed and attached, you can add a bow between each side of leaf groups. I just tied a bow with white grosgrain ribbon and hot glued it to the center. 

Make your own : Paper Laurel Wreath

Now you’re ready to hang your new, beautiful creation wherever you please! This wreath looks beautiful on the front door or layered on a mirror. 

Make your own : Paper Laurel Wreath

I also played around with hanging the mini wreaths on the back of my dining chairs. I have an adorable tea party in mind that these would be perfect for! 

Where would you hang your Laurel Wreath? 

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Happy first official day of Fall! We even got a teeny cool front in honor of the day! It’s glorious! :)

I’m slowly, but surely getting my Fall decor up. I’m normally done by now, but things have been crazier and busier than usual here. I did have time to make a new wreath. Getting my craft on is a bit therapeutic for me. It was nice to check out for a bit and do something just for fun! 

Hootie-Hoo! {Fun Fall Wreath}

I decided to try the pool noodle wreath form that I have seen a few places. My local dollar store still had them in stock. All I had to do to create the wreath form was stick both ends together with a good amount of duct tape. 

Make a wreath form with a dollar store pool noodle and duct tape


I found this really cute black and white upholstery trim at Hob Lob and decided to use that to wrap the wreath form. I bought the remainder of the spool which was about 12 1/2 yards and used almost all of it. 

Hootie-Hoo! {Fun Fall Wreath}

I used a few straight pins to secure the end of the trim to the wreath. Then I just wrapped it tightly around the form until I completed the circle. I used straight pins again to secure the other end to the back of the wreath. 

Hootie-Hoo! {Fun Fall Wreath}

Then it was time to decorate the wreath! I cut a bunch of leaf shapes out of different colored sheets of felt. I layered them onto one side of the wreath and attached them with hot glue. 

Hootie-Hoo! {Fun Fall Wreath}

The final step was to find something cute to sit at the bottom of the leaves. I think this adorable wooden owl does the trick! This little cutie came from Michael’s and he’s hanging on by the world’s largest glob of hot glue. 

Hootie-Hoo! {Fun Fall Wreath}


Are you ready for FALL? I am! Bring on the cool weather! 

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Paper Laurel Wreath {All Things Thrifty Contributor}

Hi there! I’m just popping in real quick to let you know that my latest contributor post is up at All Things Thrifty! I’m sharing a tutorial for this adorable Paper Laurel Wreath. It’s the perfect transitional craft for the end of summer/back to school season!

Make your own : Paper Laurel Wreath


If you missed my last post at All Things Thrifty, you can find that here

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Have a great day! 

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