Guest Room Updates {a barstool turned side table}

One room of our house that y’all haven’t seen much of is the guest room. We honestly haven’t done that much to it. After the guest room furniture was put in we left everything in place, got a new quilt for the bed and painted the walls. I haven’t wanted to spend much time or money on this room since it is mostly temporary. Eventually this room will be a nursery. {eventually. Not an announcement.}. Since it is the least utilized room in our home, it has served as the “catch all” space. After my sister’s wedding in June, I somehow ended up with a good chunk of the decor. Where did it sit for weeks? You guessed it! The guest room.

So, one evening I got to work cleaning out the room figuring out what belonged to who and where it needed to go. My husband went out with some guys that night, so I decided I might as well go ahead and clean out the closet as well. I purged a lot and moved a small chest of drawers {that was serving as a night stand} into the closet for storage. At that point I figured, “I’m so sick of seeing the side of the dresser first thing when walking in here. I should probably go ahead and rearrange the furniture all by myself”. Ahem. This is pretty much the story of my life. Which is how I broke my foot in college — a good old fashioned middle of the night furniture rearranging {while barefoot!}. One would think I have learned my lesson by now. One would be wrong.

Anywho! All’s well that ends well, right? I hauled the tallboy dresser to the opposite corner of the room, pushed the antique radio cabinet to the other side, and drug the trundle bed into the corner. Phew! It was a good workout, to say the least…but it really opened up the space and made it look more well thought out.

Tissue Tassle Banner

 The space above the bed was looking pretty empty, so I added a tissue tassel banner using this tutorial. It’s looking happy and festive already! :)

Tissue Tassel BannerWith the former night stand moved and just a tiny sliver of space on each side of the bed, I had to get a little creative. I had another bar stool {like the ones I used for this project} that was not only free to me, but fit perfectly between the bed and the wall. To start, I gave the stool a couple of coats of yellow spray paint. I wanted a fun, bright color that would pop against the blue-green walls.

Bar Stool Turned Side TableIs that not the happiest, cheeriest color you’ve ever seen? While this bar stool turned table was already wonderful as is, I still wanted to be even more functional. Enter : sisal.

Bar Stool Turned Side TableSisal may be one of the most useful tools out there. I created shelves by hot glueing and wrapping the rope tightly around the rungs of the stool.

Bar Stool Turned Side TableWhile wrapping the rope, I would stop periodically to add a dab of glue. I made sure it was all very tight and secure so that it wouldn’t budge. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Bar Stool Turned Side TableThe yellow is such a fun pop of color, and goes so well with the quilt. My small milk glass lamp fits perfectly on top {and check out that mini terrarium! Jack and the bean stalk, I tell ya.}.

Bar Stool Turned Side Table

Bar Stool Turned Side TableI love the great texture and warmth that the sisal brings to the space. Those shelves are perfect for keeping a couple of books, or setting your phone and watch at night.

Bar Stool Turned Side Table

…this grouping makes me laugh….

With the rearranged furniture and a couple of fun touches, the guest room is feeling much more welcoming…and I feel much happier walking past this room and seeing cheery colors instead the side of a big dresser. All this room needs is a set of drapes, and a couple updates to the exisiting furniture and we’re all set!

Bar Stool turned Side Table

 Now…who’s ready to come stay? ;)

Have you ever repurposed a piece of furniture?

Have a fabulous day! 






A bar stool turned into a side table for a guest room.

Summer Bicycle Wreath

Happy Monday! I’m running behind today! We spent the weekend in Austin celebrating my little sister’s graduation from the University of Texas {Hook’em!}. It was a fun, exciting, busy, exhausting weekend! You can bet on InstaFriday being very burnt orange this week. :) This was the first of 3 Austin trips I’ll be making this month….so, yes…coffee will be happening. A lot.

Can you believe Memorial Day weekend is already upon us? The official unofficial start of summer. It’s already feeling good and hot here as we’re already reaching temps in the 90’s, so I felt like it was time to switch out my spring wreath for a summery one.

I started out by wrapping a wreath form in some grosgrain ribbon in a red and white chevron pattern that I found at Hobby Lobby. I’ve made a few yarn wreaths before, but I had never wrapped one in ribbon. Oh my goodness – I am sold on wrapping wreaths in ribbon! It took so much less time!

I also found this metal bicycle at Hob Lob. They were running a 50% sale on metal that week, so I snatched it up with thoughts of yellow spray paint running through my mind.

Summer Bicycle Wreath : Like a Saturday

Once I gave it a few coats of a pale yellow spray paint, I attached it to the wreath with some hot glue. The bicycle is pretty light weight, but I still wanted to reinforce it with some ribbon in case the glue were to come loose with the Texas heat. I had a spool of a thin matching ribbon. I discreetly tied each wheel to wreath. You can hardly see it unless you’re looking very hard.

Summer Bicycle Wreath : Like a Saturday

I was seriously doing a dance around the house once I finished. I am IN LOVE. It’s definitely the quirkiest wreath I’ve put together. The colors and the addition of the bike scream summer to me !

Summer Bicycle Wreath : Like a Saturday

Summer Bicycle Wreath : Like a Saturday

Summer Bicycle Wreath : Like a Saturday

Of course, one thing led to another, and I restyled the entire front porch for summer…but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I’ve done! I’m excited to share it with you! :)

I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday and I’ll see you back tomorrow for the porch reveal!

Update : Apparently great minds think alike! Check out Jen’s {from Craft-o-Matic} Summer Bicycle Wreath that she made! It is super cute! 


Yellow Side Table Makeover

Once upon a time, when I was in college, my parents were going downtown for a New Year’s Eve party and for some reason welcomed us to have a party of our own at the house. It was a “WILD party” complete with a garbage bag balloon drop and a few rounds of Catchphrase. I know. We’re just that wild and crazy.

My best friend in the whole wide world, who weighs all of 100 pounds, went to join her [now] husband and his brother to sit on the coffee table. Apparently, her little body was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the whole thing collapsed. I had to call my mom the next morning to tell her about our hard-partying ways. She was secretly excited. She hated that table.

That story really has nothing to do with what I’m sharing with you all today, except that the coffee table’s relatives survived and were later given to me to do whatever I please with. And picturing that table completely fall apart still makes me laugh.

My baby sister [Katy] and I decided to give one of the tables a fun, bright makeover that would pop in her new cute room in her new cute apartment.

To start things off, we gave it a good sanding before  giving it a zap of sunshiney yellow. The color is called “Mellow Yellow” by Behr [in semigloss]. But there is really nothing mellow about it. I’m a lazy DIYer, and didn’t prime beforehand. Laziness = many, many coats of yellow paint. Lesson learned. Maybe.

My favorite part of the table is this inside of the drawer. We painted it with some leftover blue paint I had from another project that matches her desk [which has very similar lines to the side table]. I love unexpected details like this! They can make a great project even better.

Even ugly, beat up, unwanted little tables can be something beautiful with a little bit of love. And a LOT of yellow paint! :)

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